Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nature's Blood-bank

Nature's Blood-bank
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It is an exhilharating drink.Something that I greatly enjoy and so easily available in Mumbai.Literally on the streets.And on a hot summer day which drink can bring greater joy to the parched soul?.
As long as you ensure that it is prepared in hygenic conditions,you can derive the maximum mileage from this elixir of life.You name it-kidney disease,diseases related to the blood,stomach diseases,what have you.This is a cure all.
In 100 gms of cane juice,there is 90.2 gms water,9.1 gms carbohydrate,and calcium,iron,phosphorous,iron and vitamin A.Wheras in sugar,you don't get iron and vitamin A,you get plenty of it in jaggery.
Vitamin A in ganna helps in formation of corticostorene.Also,it has vitamin B complex and such an easily available and cheap source of vitamins for good health should not be ignored.
When the temperatures have gone through the roof,I can't think of a better drink to soothen the nerves.Add adrak,mint, and lemon to sugarcanejuice and enjoy what the gods drink.


Lulu said...

makes me want a glass of sugarcane juice right now - it's sweltering in manhattan and this would be the perfect nectar for the day...

gs said...

yes lulu.i drink two glasses every day.fresh sugarcane juice.i can see it being prepared from the window of my office.and i feel great.
now,i know why russell crowe got handcuffed in manhattan for throwing a telephone at a waiter.must be the heat.kaash,the guy from oz had heard of gannajuice.he would not have lost his shirt.

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