Monday, May 23, 2005


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Star Wars III may be a huge boxoffice hit.But it is now passe.Taken over by Blog Wars.

What is a blogwar?. You have to be rude,mean,humourous,nasty and obscene.Your objective is to make the attacked person's blog look downright ----compared to yours.Why do people indulge in this?.Well if you can't attack your targets physically,then atleast hammer them emotionally.That is the rationale.At the end of the day,all said and done,there comes the truce.War followed by peace.And then everything is forgotten.Because the blogging fraternity is a closed knit community.

So I thought. Till what happened to Indira Nooyi.For comparing the middle finger with USA she got into big trouble with bloggers of her Alma Mater-Columbia, during a recent address to the student community .Some of them literally went to war with her for this comparison.She has escaped mildly bruised though with her apology and fantastic support from Pepsi but it will take her sometime to win back her image.She escaped but Blog Wars can also be fatal.