Wednesday, February 12, 2014



When the book landed on my table in August ‘13 for a review, the cover design caught my attention. I quickly flipped through the book and was very impressed with the colourful pictures (55 in all) of the zodiac showing the nine planets and twenty-seven stars, the glorious sun at the centre and the earth revolving around the sun.The glossy art paper added lustre to the attractiveness. I wondered whether I would really be able to understand about the stars and planets in our solar system and our co-ordinates in the universe which the cover page of the book claimed. I also doubted my competence to review such a scholarly work. It is human nature to procrastinate when the task ahead is daunting. I put the book aside to read later in leisure. I almost forgot about it till I got a reminder from the Editor asking me whether I had completed the review of the book. I decided then and there to read the book page by page.

The book is an unusual, very original and a magnificent effort by a brilliant author. Sri Subramaniam is an engineer and an industrialist. He is also an active Rotarian. Besides his professional qualifications and skills as a transformer design engineer, he has vast knowledge of cosmology, astronomy and astrology and has participated in international conferences. Through this book, Sri Subramaniam has tried to share with his readers- young and old, amateurs and professionals, his masterly understanding and deep knowledge of cosmology and astronomy acquired over the years.

Our earth is a tiny speck in a vast universe which continues to remain a great mystery for humankind. The author places the reader in centrestage with all the stars and planets revolving around him and tries to give him a panaromic view of the staggering vastness of the cosmos, the beauty of creation and its unfathomability. Fundamental issues like how the universe emerged, where do we come from, where are we in the grand scheme of things and what is our destiny are addressed. By providing an easy ephemeral reference, the readers get to see the planets and stars positioned at a particular point in time.

The book is divided into four parts.

Part 1 puts things in perspective. Our location in the universe, the rotational movement of the earth, measurements of stars and planets, and viewing them in the morning as well as at night. We get a total bird’s eye view of the planets and stars as if we are perched at a place millions of miles away from the North Pole.
Part 2 covers the planets and the cosmos with vivid descriptions of the magical colours that can be seen in the sky.

Part 3 dwells on aspects of creation of the universe, the scientific explanation and the meaning of unified force (Brahman/God-particle). After dwelling on the basics of astronomy and the theory of creation and their inter-linkages, Sri Subramaniam moves into Astrology, predictions and its uesfulness. In this Part there is a full chapter on meditation on the panchabhoothas (five elements), the navagraha (nine planets) and the 27 nakshatras (constellations). For those who regularly meditate this is bound to be of immense benefit.

Part 4 contains data on constellations and their degrees of brightness with an apt summary of what we have learnt and what we should analyse and contemplate upon. It has a chapter on Navagraha Nakshatra Vana. Here the planting of trees is done in a circular form with nine flowering plants representing the planets and twenty-seven trees representing the nakshatras. Tree is a form of divinity according to Vriksha Shastra. They bless the worshippers and also purify the environment. By maintaining such ‘vanas’, humankind is bound to reap huge benefits for itself and the plant and animal world around.

It is a phenomenal book, very authentic, authoritative, cogently written, extremely readable and with a fine blend of science and spirituality. The author’s Guru, Sri Vethathiri Maharishi (1911-2003) was his spiritual mentor and guiding force. His Theory of Creation has been explained and compared with the creation theories of the modern day. Albert Einstein said “The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible.” Sri Subramaniam, through the medium of this book, has made the Universe easily comprehensible to all of us who are keen to understand this difficult and profound subject. Sri Subramaniam has tried to achieve in this book, by his own admission, the saying in the Yajur Veda that one who acquires knowledge of the movements of planets and stars will lead an enjoyable and long life with good progeny. It is a book which should be kept in every school and college library to enable the minds of our youth to get ignited for their material and spiritual advancement.




This book is specially meant for those who suffer from pain and who are interested in knowing and understanding the major causes of pain. Contrary to the general conception of pain, the author Steven Ozanich explains what pain really is and that the causes of pain are rarely physical in origin. This is something very startling to the reader who always associates pain with physical causes. Ozanich has written from his personal experience of having gone through unsuccessful conventional treatments for back pain attributed to structural abnormalities of the spine and having seen his wife paralyzed due to an unnecessary invasive procedure. He was indeed very lucky to have been introduced to Dr John E Sarno’s book –“Healing Backpain-The Mind-Body Connection”. It was an eye-opener for him as he became aware of TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome) or The Mind-body Syndrome (TMS). His pain ceased once he accepted Dr Sarno’s diagnostic premises.

The author explores the area of mind-body medicine in this extensively and well researched book. There are very exhaustive reviews of mind-body causes and cures of TMS. Having suffered pain enormously for nearly thirty years due to incorrect diagnosis, the revelation to the author of the role of psychological factors in physical health brought about self-discovery and self-healing. Stress is often the only cause for a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Psychology affects physiology.

TMS concepts are applicable to patients of all ages. The author argues that though modern medicine has greatly improved our understanding of diseases and offers many fascinating therapeutic options, it has also created a myth to explain the reasons for so many aches and pains in the human body. Those professing alternative therapies like chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy etc. have done no better. Those people who do not find mainstream medicine as a cure for their problems have turned to these options for a permanent cure. Unfortunately, these branches also though may provide temporary relief, lack a proper understanding of human physiology. On the contrary, TMS offers simple knowledge. It is all about psychosomatic medicine or mind-body medicine.

Pain is seldom the result of structural abnormalities. Pain comes from a reduction in oxygen flow to the muscles and nerves due to unconscious tension as a result of unknown, unfelt and repressed anger. The author was repeatedly advised that to stop his back pain, he needed spinal surgery. Once he started following Dr Sarno’s advice and healing process, his pain started disappearing.

The book can be divided into three parts. The first part is about how the author fought his suffering and his ultimate victory. The second part starts with an excellent chapter on what you need to understand to heal and what is TMSing. It also narrates the actual experiences of some who suffered excruciating pain. The third and last part dwells on acting on the new knowledge gained and healing. Aptly titled as a philosophy on life, in this part, the author explains how one can free oneself from pain, the importance of setting of goals, visualizing and imagining being healed, communicating and laughing. There is a very useful TMS checklist in Appendix B of the book. Putting the knowledge into practice makes all the difference.

The book is highly recommended for those suffering from chronic pain. The system of healing recommended is not available in any other therapeutic technique. The author repeatedly articulates that pain has rarely anything to do with the structure of the body. Most of our health problems are due to hidden tensions within the mind-body due to various demands on our lives. It is a book which shows the path to healing without surgery, injections or drugs. It challenges our current beliefs on pain and formation of diseases. The medical profession only treats the effects and not the causes. The key to good health is understanding the mind-body connection. Once you make that connect, you become energized and revitalized.