Saturday, February 05, 2011

Vamos (come on or get going)

Vamos is a Spanish word.It means ''come on' or 'get going'. Bhupathi while playing the quarter-finals alongwith Paes in the Australian Open recently used this word against his opponents, one of them being Spanish. This upset the Spaniard. But the Spanish fans were more upset. Bhupathi got hundreds of 'tweets' riling him for using bad words. It is like sledging in cricket when you make faces and curse your opponents and look aggressive to put your opponent psychologically on the defensive. It works many times and it backfires sometimes as well. Like in the case of Andrew Symonds and Bhajji. Our cricketers have learned this art very well. The Australians really started all this. Srisanth,Bhajji and a few others now do it well. While Srisanth will be missed at the World Cup, let us hope our cricketers show their prowess with bat and ball and with face and mouth to win against our opponents. Let them give the Australians a taste of their own medicine.