Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lulu being blessed by elephant at Meenakshi Temple

Our recent visit to Madurai was very memorable.We worshipped at the Vishnu temple at Srivilliputtur,where the 9th century Srivaishnavite saint Andal was found under a basil plant by her fosterfather Periazhwar,another Srivaishnavite saint.We also visited the Meenakshi temple at Madurai.Lulu was very fasacinated seeing the temple elephant and therefore we got her pictured offering a plantain to the elephant and in return being blessed by the pachyderm.

Monday, January 03, 2005

The winter wedding

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Surprisingly,mumbai has had an apology of a winter so far.With Delhi going into minus,one would have expected some cold weather in mumbai.But it was not to be.
We had a wedding in the family on the 26th.It was a tamilian iyengar boy marrying a maharashtrian girl.a fusion of two cultures.It was a colourful morning function with priests from both sides competing for the honours.And the nadaswaram and shenai players too did not want to be left behind.The bridegroom looked very handsome in silk dhoti,jibba and petha tied over his head.And the bride wearing a nine yards saree and bedecked with jewels was looking gorgeous.The whole ceremony was such a pleasure to watch and to participate.In the evening there was a reception at the Willingdon Club.And I decide to wear my new suit.Father and daughter took a picture together.Lulu as usual was looking marvellous in her new attire.