Monday, May 23, 2005


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Star Wars III may be a huge boxoffice hit.But it is now passe.Taken over by Blog Wars.

What is a blogwar?. You have to be rude,mean,humourous,nasty and obscene.Your objective is to make the attacked person's blog look downright ----compared to yours.Why do people indulge in this?.Well if you can't attack your targets physically,then atleast hammer them emotionally.That is the rationale.At the end of the day,all said and done,there comes the truce.War followed by peace.And then everything is forgotten.Because the blogging fraternity is a closed knit community.

So I thought. Till what happened to Indira Nooyi.For comparing the middle finger with USA she got into big trouble with bloggers of her Alma Mater-Columbia, during a recent address to the student community .Some of them literally went to war with her for this comparison.She has escaped mildly bruised though with her apology and fantastic support from Pepsi but it will take her sometime to win back her image.She escaped but Blog Wars can also be fatal.


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She is cool.She is sexy.I fell in love with her at first sight.Who is she?. Chill.Just relax.I have not gone wayward.She is the one and only iPod.
When I was visiting Harsha and Lulu last June,they presented this digital musical storehouse to me on my 60th birthday.And Lulu helped me to start it off.When I returned to Mumbai,she went completely out of my sight as my wife would not allow me to keep her.She has now become so addicted to her that I call my wife a podder.I am happy for her ,though, because now she has no excuses to skip her morning walk.
Ours is a iPod mini.She is sleek and compact and has a 4GB memory.She can hold upto 1000 songs.She is a thing of beauty.She gives me peace.
And these days when you go for your morning walks you find many many people looking like doctors with wires dangling out of their ears.Schoolgoers are getting these ipods too and there are more than 1 ipod in affluent homes.
If you love music,don't look at the price tag.Just go and get it.Use Visa power if you must.It is value for money.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lovely and Sweety

With people having such pleasing names,the world should be a happier place to live in.But then these two siblings live in Bihar,which temporarily has fallen off the India map so to say.Or atleast had,till President's rule was established.The election results gave a thumbs down to Lalu and the verdict being fractured,no party could form a government singly or in unison.The inevitable had to occur.
But then Governor Buta Singh claims that things have improved.Law and order is under control,people are moving around freely,new carowners do not fear that their car would be immediately stolen or doctors that they would be kidnapped for a king's ransom.And school children are a very happy lot.The trauma of being forcibly carried away from school is no more there.The mafia which ruled the roost in Lalu's regime seems to have gone underground.
One would ask where do Lovely and Sweety fit in. It is a nobrainer.They are the sons of Buta Singh and virtually run Bihar.The de facto rulers.Buta Singh claims that they are doing a good job.Period.But then nothing moves without the nod of Lovely or Sweety.Our hangup with dynasty rule continues.Being a Sonia loyalist,Buta Singh appears to be safe.But will the sons Lovelyji and Sweetyji pull him down?.
Time alone will tell.
Sat Sri Akal.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


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I am very fond of it.It is available easily almost throughout the year.As far as possible, I like to have it as the first item of my breakfast.With a quarter lemon ready to be squeezed.I even grew a papaya tree in our Bangalore house.And that was the red variety which many prefer.I don't see many of that in Mumbai; though whenever I am in Kolkata,Mushtaq the Bawarchi in our guest house makes it a point to get for me red papayas.

Why am I so fond of them?.It helps in reducing body fat.By no stretch of imagination am I obese,but then I think I need to shed some fat. Arginine in Papaya is well known for muscle building besides playing a big role in fat reduction.It is supposed to be very good for those who suffer from indigestion.It is effective against worms and is also a pain relieving agent and useful for those afflicted by arthiritis and slip-disc.It heals wounds,boils and ulcers.Doctors in South America where Papaya originated have been using papaya extensively as an external agent for speeding up healing of wounds after surgery and also for dressing wounds.The papaya bark relieves toothaches.And there are umpteen other medicinal properties.It also protects the human body from free radicals and certain types of cancer.It is a wonderful supplement for Vitamin A and Vitamin C.Also it is a rich source for potassium,sodium,proteins,calcium and iron.

What is holding you up if you already are not a papaya lover?.Then, go get it.The Papita.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Akshaya Tritiya

Yesterday was Akshaya Tritiya.A very auspicious day by the Indian calendar.It is the third day of the bright half(shukla paksha) of chittirai,the first month in the tamil new year of paarthiva.On this day,the sun and moon are at their peak simultaneously.According to Vedic texts,the first "yagnya" or sacrifice in the history of humanity was performed on this day.
Akshaya means one that never diminishes.One of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu appearing in the Vishnusahasranama. It is also considered to be the birthday of Parasurama -one of the dasa avataras of Lord Vishnu.A brahmin who eliminated the warriors!.And a very popular deity in the west coast of India,particularly Kerala and Goa for having carved out their present land.
It is considered to be so sacred that no muhurta for performing any auspicious event is required on this day. All over India,people celebrate weddings,enter new homes,start new ventures and buy gold.This day is considered to bring good luck and success.
For me,it was like any other day.Absolutely normal.No weddings to celebrate,no new home to get into and no gold to purchase.
But then,I prayed a little extra.For the benefit of mankind.Sarva: sukhino bhavantu.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Enter the Chinese Dragon

It was deja vu again when the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited India a fortnight back.One remembered nostalgically the Hindi Chini bhai-bhai and Nehru's Panch Shil of the 60s and the trauma of the Indo-China war that followed.A full circle has been turned since then.We have recognised Tibet as part of China and they in turn have recognised Sikkim as part of India.

What is the driver for this attitudinal change?.It is economics.Both countries are on a major growth path.China is admittedly miles ahead.But then there are many areas where it is lagging.Therfore it makes eminent sense to come together,the world's two largest populations and work towards transforming the lives of millioins of people in both the countries.

Interestingly Mid-Day came out on this occasion with top five chinese nicknames for some celebrities.
Shakti Kapoor: Ai Su Yu (sue)
R R Patil : Wai Yu Dan Sing (closing down of dancing bars in Mumbai)
Michael Jackson : No Tach Yung Boi
Saurav Ganguly : Hau Yu Ban Mi ( banned from playing 6 matches for slow bowling rate)
Rajdeep Sardesai: Bai Bai Pra Noi ( he is leaving ND TV and Prannoy)

Jai Hind,Jai Cheen!

World Asthma Day

3rd May is World Asthma Day.On this day,my thoughts go out to thousands of those people who are in some form patients of asthma.Having been a sufferer myself for many years while we lived in Bangalore,I can very well empathise with those who suffer from attacks of asthma.
I think it is a day when one should take stock as to how asthma has been managed so far and what needs to be done to minimise its impact on one's health.
Asthma management would include one's lifestyle,environment,emotional condition and other factors that may be contributing to this dreaded affliction.In my opinion,asthma is hereditary as well as acquired.With some commonsense and change of location and lifestyle,a tremendous transformation can be brought about.Asthma is generally caused by severe concentration of dust particles in the air that we breathe,pollens,temperature fluctuations,humidity,altitude,food habits etc.Carefully one can eliminate the main cause over time and lead a relatively less asthmaprone life.Certain yogasanas are very beneficial for overcoming asthma.There is a plethora of allopathic medicines available.But then one has to be very careful.For it has other side effects.
Interestingly New York and Mumbai have come together to attack the problem of asthma prevalence in the two cities.The US Environmental Protective Agency is lending a helping hand.There is lot of similarity between the two cities.Extensive transport networks,humid climates,high vehicular pollution,etc.An estimated one million people have asthma in New York.You can double that figure for Mumbai.
Asthma prevalence rates have been found to be higher among the poor and in the minority neighbourhoods in New York while in Mumbai it is higher in Sion,Chembur and Parel.
There is a lot that both cities can learn from each other for the common good.