Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Akshaya Tritiya

Yesterday was Akshaya Tritiya.A very auspicious day by the Indian calendar.It is the third day of the bright half(shukla paksha) of chittirai,the first month in the tamil new year of paarthiva.On this day,the sun and moon are at their peak simultaneously.According to Vedic texts,the first "yagnya" or sacrifice in the history of humanity was performed on this day.
Akshaya means one that never diminishes.One of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu appearing in the Vishnusahasranama. It is also considered to be the birthday of Parasurama -one of the dasa avataras of Lord Vishnu.A brahmin who eliminated the warriors!.And a very popular deity in the west coast of India,particularly Kerala and Goa for having carved out their present land.
It is considered to be so sacred that no muhurta for performing any auspicious event is required on this day. All over India,people celebrate weddings,enter new homes,start new ventures and buy gold.This day is considered to bring good luck and success.
For me,it was like any other day.Absolutely normal.No weddings to celebrate,no new home to get into and no gold to purchase.
But then,I prayed a little extra.For the benefit of mankind.Sarva: sukhino bhavantu.


gs said...

actually Akshaya Tritiya falls on 11th May, Wednesday this year..I have posted it today i.e. 12th May.But then the posting shows 11th because of the time difference between IST and USA time.Anyway,those who are reading this posting now and have not bought gold can rush to any shop in New York and buy off some gold !.Good luck!.

Lulu said...

your blog readers may be anywhere in the world and not just new york :)

gs said...

when are you fixing the blogometer for me?

Anonymous said...

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