Monday, May 23, 2005


Originally uploaded by gopoo.
She is cool.She is sexy.I fell in love with her at first sight.Who is she?. Chill.Just relax.I have not gone wayward.She is the one and only iPod.
When I was visiting Harsha and Lulu last June,they presented this digital musical storehouse to me on my 60th birthday.And Lulu helped me to start it off.When I returned to Mumbai,she went completely out of my sight as my wife would not allow me to keep her.She has now become so addicted to her that I call my wife a podder.I am happy for her ,though, because now she has no excuses to skip her morning walk.
Ours is a iPod mini.She is sleek and compact and has a 4GB memory.She can hold upto 1000 songs.She is a thing of beauty.She gives me peace.
And these days when you go for your morning walks you find many many people looking like doctors with wires dangling out of their ears.Schoolgoers are getting these ipods too and there are more than 1 ipod in affluent homes.
If you love music,don't look at the price tag.Just go and get it.Use Visa power if you must.It is value for money.


Lulu said...

wow! Nice to see that you and amma are using iPod so much. i wish they will soon start an iTunes music store for india so you can easily buy and download lots of music for the iPod.

Anonymous said...

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