Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lovely and Sweety

With people having such pleasing names,the world should be a happier place to live in.But then these two siblings live in Bihar,which temporarily has fallen off the India map so to say.Or atleast had,till President's rule was established.The election results gave a thumbs down to Lalu and the verdict being fractured,no party could form a government singly or in unison.The inevitable had to occur.
But then Governor Buta Singh claims that things have improved.Law and order is under control,people are moving around freely,new carowners do not fear that their car would be immediately stolen or doctors that they would be kidnapped for a king's ransom.And school children are a very happy lot.The trauma of being forcibly carried away from school is no more there.The mafia which ruled the roost in Lalu's regime seems to have gone underground.
One would ask where do Lovely and Sweety fit in. It is a nobrainer.They are the sons of Buta Singh and virtually run Bihar.The de facto rulers.Buta Singh claims that they are doing a good job.Period.But then nothing moves without the nod of Lovely or Sweety.Our hangup with dynasty rule continues.Being a Sonia loyalist,Buta Singh appears to be safe.But will the sons Lovelyji and Sweetyji pull him down?.
Time alone will tell.
Sat Sri Akal.