Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Enter the Chinese Dragon

It was deja vu again when the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visited India a fortnight back.One remembered nostalgically the Hindi Chini bhai-bhai and Nehru's Panch Shil of the 60s and the trauma of the Indo-China war that followed.A full circle has been turned since then.We have recognised Tibet as part of China and they in turn have recognised Sikkim as part of India.

What is the driver for this attitudinal change?.It is economics.Both countries are on a major growth path.China is admittedly miles ahead.But then there are many areas where it is lagging.Therfore it makes eminent sense to come together,the world's two largest populations and work towards transforming the lives of millioins of people in both the countries.

Interestingly Mid-Day came out on this occasion with top five chinese nicknames for some celebrities.
Shakti Kapoor: Ai Su Yu (sue)
R R Patil : Wai Yu Dan Sing (closing down of dancing bars in Mumbai)
Michael Jackson : No Tach Yung Boi
Saurav Ganguly : Hau Yu Ban Mi ( banned from playing 6 matches for slow bowling rate)
Rajdeep Sardesai: Bai Bai Pra Noi ( he is leaving ND TV and Prannoy)

Jai Hind,Jai Cheen!


rums said...

uncle, i'm expecting your views on the koizumi visit. why do you think it was played down in the media???
it's pretty clear that many nations in south east asia fear an all powerful china and see india as a possible counter weight to the growing power of china.

gs said...

rums,actually i realised only after reading your comment that yes one koizumi had come and gone.the media didn't give any importance at all.
japan and india have never really been chummy.japan has a touch-me-not attitude,really speaking.except when it comes to bodh-gaya.i have seen it in engineering industry.trade between the two countries is minimal.and today trade is the driving force behind relations between countries.and overall they have not been supportive and empathetic of and with our problems.the relationship is cold.and they don't care.
you are right about the perception of the other countries in s.e.asia.it was japan first,then china.india should not fall into the same trap.our relations with our neighbours is nothing to write home about.if india is careful about these sensitivities and acts in a matured manner,it has a good chance of winning over the friendship of other countries.and importantly to that extent it will diminish the influence of china

Anonymous said...

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