Sunday, May 15, 2005


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I am very fond of it.It is available easily almost throughout the year.As far as possible, I like to have it as the first item of my breakfast.With a quarter lemon ready to be squeezed.I even grew a papaya tree in our Bangalore house.And that was the red variety which many prefer.I don't see many of that in Mumbai; though whenever I am in Kolkata,Mushtaq the Bawarchi in our guest house makes it a point to get for me red papayas.

Why am I so fond of them?.It helps in reducing body fat.By no stretch of imagination am I obese,but then I think I need to shed some fat. Arginine in Papaya is well known for muscle building besides playing a big role in fat reduction.It is supposed to be very good for those who suffer from indigestion.It is effective against worms and is also a pain relieving agent and useful for those afflicted by arthiritis and slip-disc.It heals wounds,boils and ulcers.Doctors in South America where Papaya originated have been using papaya extensively as an external agent for speeding up healing of wounds after surgery and also for dressing wounds.The papaya bark relieves toothaches.And there are umpteen other medicinal properties.It also protects the human body from free radicals and certain types of cancer.It is a wonderful supplement for Vitamin A and Vitamin C.Also it is a rich source for potassium,sodium,proteins,calcium and iron.

What is holding you up if you already are not a papaya lover?.Then, go get it.The Papita.


Lulu said...

I miss papayas so much. They're quite expensive here - almost $4 per papaya - so I don't end up getting it often. I remember how K used to cut it and add sugar and lime and give it to me as a snack when I was studying for I.C.S.E.
I love and crave that flavour!

gs said...

gb has been trained to do that now.sans sugar.when i eat this every morning ,i think of 'arcadia',and our papaya one big papaya costs about 20 rs
.do have it atleast once a week.

Anonymous said...

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