Monday, June 20, 2005


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That is the Tamil equivalent for jackfruit.On a hot sunny afternoon while I was driving down a busy Basavangudi(bastion of tambrahms) road,I could not resist the temptation of buying the jumping jack.I took the snap of the vendor and then the lady-in-waiting.I put it in my bag and rushed off for a meeting.And in the evening I became a jackfruit myself-so much of the fruitsmell emanated from me!


Lulu said...

hi appa
this is such perfect timing. i just had the most delicious jackfruit biryani at a restaurant called "amma" in midtown this evening. chris nicklo was in town and he generously treated me to a lovely dinner. if you come here in august you may get to see him and kenm who will be visiting from san francisco again.
read more about the biryani on my blog tomorrow.

rums said...

uncle, my mum cooks this delicious curry with unripe jackfruit and potatoes. i think the recipe is there in the book i sent you. in bengali the unripe jackfruit is called 'gaach patha', translated: tree goat, meaning it is as good as mutton (an average bengali's favourite meat).

rums said...

oh and i hate the smell of ripe jackfruit and that makes me very unpopular amongst most bongs!

Lulu said...

ok, rums, that's the first thing we don't have in common. i LOVE the smell of ripe jackfruit!

gs said...

rums,thanks for the reference to chitrita's book that you so kindly sent to me.i am reading it albeit slow.and what a coincidence.i was in kolkata on jamaishashti day and when i traced the tree-goat stuff in her book,i read about how c's mom entertained her jamai with 'gaach- patha' on that day.i was about to put a small posting on jamaishashti today.if i get the time i will do it very soon as i have to rush for a meeting in pune.

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