Friday, June 17, 2005

I love you,Cello

I love you,Cello
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It really amazes me.The proliferation of the cellphone in our country.It is no more the preserve of the rich.Executives,businessmen,doctors,students,bhajiwallas,doodhwallas,newspaperwallas-you name them and they are found holding one in their hands and quite often one in each hand.And almost every workingwoman you see on the road or every school/collegegoing student holds on to the cell like dear life.And whether we like it or not the Ambanis must take a lot of credit for making the cellphone omnipresent in our country as it is today.

Recently,Cheil Communications'Brand marketing institute of South Korea which is a top advertising firm conducted a study which showed that a mobile is one of a Korean teenager's most valued possession.Among 13-15 age group,77.5% said it was a must-have.For those in the 16-18 group, the percentage was 76.7%.The survey showed that mobilephones are the key to the youngster's social network.In the internetsavvy South Korea,the teenagers interviewed said that they would feel totally lost without a cellphone.What would they do to keep in touch with friends and send them pictures and text messages if they did not have the cellphone,they said.

I have a bit of advice.If you are a parent and want to mete out a stiff punishment,confiscate the child's cellphone.


Lulu said...

The Koreans don't have any mobile phone etiquette at all. In fact, Cheil Communications was my client - they are the in-house agency for Samsung - and I remember the meetings in Seoul at which someone's phone would go off every few minutes and they would get up to answer it in the middle of meetings. And they had the weirdest, kinkiest, most unprofessional ringtones. Once I got past the initial shock, I started enjoying watching the Korean men whisper "yay busayo" (yes, hello) into their phones.

gs said...

we have the same problem here too.with the rapid spread of the cell-culture in india,i think people have to be given some short training in the etiquette of using cellphones.i am shocked when i see some very senior people doing what the south koreans do.and you even have people talking on the cellphone in a movie hall when the movie is being screened!

Anonymous said...