Sunday, June 26, 2005

Lassi Masti

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Heard of Abhinav and Nidhi Agarwal? Well,they run the Chaat Masala restaurant near the Bombay Stock Exchange.You can dine in style and pick your favourite chaat from a spread of about 30 different chaats.Their paanipuris are awesome.And here too you have a great choice.Have you tried paalak ki chat? Crispy spinach leaves and green chillies with sweet and sour chutney and chaat masala.
The main course has multani dhingri kebabs,paneer tikka masala,mirchi ka saalan(made famous by the hyderabadis)and superb desserts as the finale.Moong dal halwa or tiranga kulfi.
A bit stiff on the purse though. Re 400 per head. Though not big money for having street food in a sanitised ambience. Oh,I completely forgot the main reason for posting this blog.

Lassi. Strawberry,kala khatta,kesar etc. Absolutely heavenly! And why don't we make lassi our national drink. Even Lalu wants coke,pepsi and other drinks to be replaced by buttermilk(a diluted form of lassi) in khullars(clay pots)!.Chalo,kuch thanda ho jaaye.

Made famous by the Punjabis,lassi is the ideal drink in the hot season.The lactobacilli in lassi acts as a lubricant and helps us to digest food easily.It also relieves one from gas and constipation.Containing protein,vitamins,iron and calcium,it can be consumed in all age groups -from newborn babes to the elderly.

It is the quintessential Deshi drink.

Lassi piyo aur masti karo.


rums said...

uncle this post reminded me of a peculiar story i heard from a consumer appliance company executive. the company saw a spike in sales in washing machines in punjab so they went to find out who their buyers were. apparently, most of the buyers were local dhaba owners who bought the machines to make large quantities of lassi!

gs said...

yes,i read about that too.we are a very indigineous people.and particularly punjabis are known for dexterity with their must travel to some rural areas to see the innovation and creativity of our people.

Anonymous said...