Thursday, June 30, 2005


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It was 29th June,my 61st birthday. We decided to dine out and I was given the choice by my better half to decide on the restaurant. I remembered having seen this new eatery having come up opposite Babulnath Temple at Girgaum Chowpatty. I didn't have to scan Times Food Guide or go through Rashmi Uday Singh's 'Around the World in 80 Plates' to get the bearings of this spanking new foodjoint.

We headed for 'Soam 'named after the Babulnath deity. Valet car parking was very welcome,as it was drizzling . Though there was a sizeable crowd waiting for seats,as we were just two we got our turn rather quickly though I suspected it was a bit out of turn probably to impress the newcomers. Gleaming white flooring,comfortably airconditioned,neat and clean and good ambience. Essentially a cafe for short eats-chaat,snacks and mini meals. All veg-idlis,dosas,gujju snacks and gujju/marwari chota meals. We were served on peepul leaves,bronze-copper Rajkot thalis and there were a variety of chutneys and aachars on the table. We looked at the menu card and after some debate decided to order the following:

1)Thandai Ice Sherbet

2)Bajra Methi dhebra with launji

3)Paanki Chutney

4)Gatto nu shack with satpadi roti.

The food was tasty and filling.Their service was courteous.And to top it all, the total bill came to only Rs 275.We even carried one bajri roti away in a doggy bag!.Strongly recommended for light veggie chaat cum meal.


rums said...

belated happy b'day uncle!

Lulu said...

now you can become a restaurant critic as well, appa! loved your first restaurant revie.
maybe you should show it to chander uday singh in your next meeting with him :)

gs said...

thanks rums for your greetings.a bash in delhi on 14th to celebrate it?
and lulu,as you know,i don't really care to eat is only on occasions.and actually rashmi had written on soam some time back.rashmi was a senior incometax officer before she decided to quit a govt job and go on her own some 6/7 years is she is probably the most wellknown food critic,runs a few upmarket restaurants,writes books on food and restaurants, hobnobs with the glitterrati and is a page 3 regular.and of course has made pots and pots of money. i even suspect that she secretly harbours the ambition to start a talk show - a la oprah winfrey.
chander is a good friend and takes care of our legal cases in the high court.he is an avid golfer and spends a lot of his weekends in the golf course.when i started learning golf my coach warned me to be ready to split with my is a strong addiction,he said,and when you are dying you will ask for your golf club to be buried with you!

rums said...

why not? that should be fun!!
sanjoy works with rashmi's mom-in-law and we bumped into rashmi, her mom and mom-in-law on mother's day at pan asian, the south east asian restaurant at the marriott in delhi. have you checked out her new book? it's on veg food.

gs said...

i have heard of mrs bhullar, chander's mom.i didn't realise that she is still active.i have read about "around the world in 80 plates".i believe,it is all about veg food. maybe i will pick up a copy tomorrow morning on my way to it on the flight and send it to lulu though maya who is leaving for usa tomorrow.

Lulu said...

i can't wait to get a copy of "around the world in 80 plates" - sounds like just the book for me. thanks, appa!

rums said...

uncle, not only is ms bhullar active she is also very attractive! she is one of the most beautiful women i have come across!

gs said...

her son is handsome.therefore i am not surprised that mrs bhullar is attractive.

Anonymous said...