Sunday, June 19, 2005

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir

From Kanyakumari to Kashmir
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It has defied the law of gravity so to say.And moved up from KK to K.It is crowding out Wazwan,the mutton delicacy.With the silence of the guns,thousands of tourists are pouring into Kashmir and it appears to be good times once again.An interesting off-shoot of this development is that the average Kashmiri is being exposed to the pan-indian flavour and he is waking up to it.And masala dosa is a favourite among the Kashmiri youth.


Lulu said...

excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you have permission to use this copyrighted image????

rums said...

what are you complaining about? you look so pretty and the dosa kinda completes the foodie picture.

gs said...

this is one of lulu's pictures that i love.and i couldn't agree more with rums.and by the by,with the number of hits i seem to be getting(thanks to the meter that you have installed),you may even get a book or film offer very soon.

Lulu said...

now i'm blushing :)

i was just being facetious because i was truly surprised to see that picture from last year suddenly appear on the blog!

gs said...

i like to give you surprises,lulu.and be prepared for some more pics from the archives!

Anonymous said...