Sunday, June 19, 2005

Cafe Mozaic at Taj Residency

Cafe Mozaic at Taj Residency
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Last Friday when I was in Bangalore,after some hectic labour negotiations,I decided to have a light lunch and also do a small recap of the morning session in a quiet corner.I chose my favourite place which in our Bangalore days as a family we must have visited so many times.The Southern Comfort has now been rechristened the Cafe Mozaic.Good ambience,and excellent service.All that Taj hotels are known for.I decided to have something light as I had another marathon meeting in the evening.
Creamy roasted tomatoes and pepper soup served with basil butter.Spaghetti with baby potato,oven baked eggplants in a creamy pesto sauce.That was what I ate and it was quite filling.I was sure I could last out till midnight!


Lulu said...

looks delicious, appa. you're becoming quite the gourmet, i must say :)
of course, i fondly remember southern comfort. you used to treat us to five-star food a the taj every now and then. i remember ordering sausages for my 8th birthday (becasue i was dying to try non-veg) and not eating more than one bite. i had to steal a few sppons of your curd rice!
and do you remember that we met rajanikant there once at the bar next to southern comfort? can't remember the name. his autograph is still in my old autograph book lying somewhere in your house.

gs said...

wow,your memory is the proverbial elephantine memory.
i don't remeber the sausage incident and neither the rajnikant one.for your info this bus driver from bangalore and the most popular filmstar outside japan in japan has money oozing out of his ears now with his latest hit,chitralekha.

gs said...

and a gourmand becomes a gourmet.why not? your blogs and rums' pot on fire seem to be rubbing off on me!

rums said...

lulu you tried sausages and didn't like them?

edison said...