Sunday, April 10, 2005


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A recent survey conducted by dogowners,carried out by YouGov suggests that the annual cost of a dog comes up to about 35,000 dollars over its lifetime estimated to be about 10 years.And that is equivalent to a round the world cruise on the QE-2 or the cost of a brand new 3-series BMW. As this is a longterm and serious financial committment,prospective dogowners are advised to choose their pet after detaied study considering their finances and lifestyle.
After all the first automated toilet for dogs was inagurated some months ago at Ostend in Belgium.The response from dogs was poor.They did not consider it to be sufficiently user friendly.Perhaps the designers will learn their lessons and make the necessary improvisations based on the valuable feedback from the canines.Then those living on the top floors of skyscrapers in Manhattan or Tokyo need not have to wake up bleary-eyed to take the dog out to the nearest park.Courtesy the automated toilet,the dog will do its job and no worry for cleaning up the mess.And no more embarassment of the neighbour's car tyres being sniffed and sprayed at.
Civilisation is progress.Irrespective of what Charles Lindberg in a particularly introspective phase of his life thought.Sales of bottled water for dogs are growing.Mumbai dogowners are finding the tap water disagreeable and instead of risking dehydration of their beloved pets prefer to buy bottled dogwater whose prices are similar to that for two-legged ones.
Bottled water is going to the dogs!.


Lulu said...

awwwwwwww...cherry looks so adorable and not pregnant at all. what a great photos -wish i could zoom in more! i really miss cherrychoochoo....

gs said...

actually this shot was taken just about the time cherrychoochoo got impregnated.therefore you will not see her bloated.her dday is approaching fast and the countdown has started.she has become much slower in her movements.understandable.her fascination for the ball still remains strong though;baccha or no baccha.she will lift herself up and run to get the ball.and these days she is on our bed.and mango too joins us.more the merrier.but responsible as he is, he is not upto any dirty tricks!

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