Monday, April 25, 2005

Pepsi Catering to Indian Tastes

Pepsi Catering to Indian Tastes
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It is unbelievable.But it is happening.Pepsi came to India many years ago to sell Pepsi Cola,Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizzas from Pizza Hut.The start was disastrous.Though Pepsi Cola chugged along,the other two just didn't take off.Pepsi had made a huge blunder.It did not study the Indian palate.Their marketing whiz kids thought what is good for the gander is good for the geese.Then the realisation dawned.It did a rethink of its menu.It started marketing bhujiya.And now it has developed its own snack.The smashing success-Kurkure.Is this reverse marketing?


Lulu said...

wow! so nice to see frito developing products to suit indian tastes. pepsico is a very smart company and i'm sure that they will find a way to make local products global if it has international appeal.

rums said...

as matter of fact, they are. they are currently testing a number of products that have been developed for the indian market in south east asia and middle east.

gs said...

i never realised till recently that they are into so many other products as well.and perhaps water is going to be their core portfolio.

rums said...

in fact, that's exactly what rajeev bakshi the pepsi chief in india said a couple of days back to the press.
also the share of CSDs (carbonated soft drinks) in india or rather the world over is declining due to health concerns etc. in india, apart from health, it's also the popularity of local drinks (mango panna, lassi etc), fruit juices that are cheaper than the smallest pack of a CSD as well as the indian preference for sweeter drinks that has held back the growth in this area. that is why you have coke buying out maazaa not just to increase its brand portfolio but to increase sales.

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