Friday, April 15, 2005

Oh Laptop!

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I am always a bit scared of my laptop.Particularly when there is some water or tea around.Many years ago,when I bought my first laptop,Lulu became the dominant user.And one day after returning home from work,when I switched it on and it did not work,I was puzzled.I called Lulu and asked her whether there was any problem with the laptop.She started crying and explained how she had accidentally dropped a glass of fresh lime on to the keyboard.Recently,I saw this picture and laughed out boisterously having been reminded of this incident.The little thing had gone on top of the laptop and was showering the keyboard when he got caught in the act.Luckily,Mango and Cherry are grownups and I don't run any such risks.But then wait.I better watch out .After a fortnight Cherry will be littering.It is a wakeup call.


Lulu said...

hi appa
what a hilarious story. i'll never forget how scared i was after dropping lime juice on that ugly grey toshiba laptop that lasted you years! i don't know what it is with me and spilling liquids near computers. don't know if i told you about my tea spill on pop periappa desk in bangalore? NP saved the day before i could get into BIG trouble.

gs said...

dear lulu
beauty lies in the eyes of the was no ugly might not be handsome,with its grey colour and thick size.but then no can deny what a workhorse it is.and i have not discarded it yet.amma uses it for her presentations and is very happy and comfortable with it for its reliability and utility.last but not the least, i might even trade it with my new toshiba and have it back.i keep the toshiba in the office and the mac g4 @ home.

Anonymous said...