Monday, April 18, 2005

Dr Tangle

Dr Tangle
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He has a desk in the oncology department of a London hospital.Though he is sitting a bit relaxed with legs somewhat stretched,he has a busy day ahead of him.Though he is in a serious profession,he has not lost his penchant for running after sticks and balls.With his floppy ears and fur coat,he is the darling of the patients visiiting the oncology department.He has an uncanny knack for getting an accurate diagnosis where conventional tests fail,He is no enigma.This quadruped has his mind or shall we say his nose on his feet!.
He works under Dr John Church who uses sniffer dogs for testing cancer.Tangle learned his new skills in just seven months.Given several urine samples,he always hits the bull's eye.His success rate is 100%.He runs his nose quickly at the samples and within a jiffy he spots the cancerous one and wags his tail furiously signalling that he has accomplished his job successfully.His motivation is the chewy treat awaiting him!.

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