Tuesday, April 26, 2005


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When you are watching a oneday cricket match and that too between india and pakistan,you just don't want to see any advertisements spoiling the fun.but in the case of oye bubbly,bubbly bubbly bubbly,it was different.you welcomed it.because it was novel and thoroughly enjoyable.that is what advertising is about,i suppose. and pepsi seems to be getting a lot of eyeballs not only on tv but also in the dailies as well.
from a singlebrand company it has grown into a multibrand company in a period of about five years.water,juices,lipton iced tea,tropicana and gatorade.in water,aquafina has become one of the top water products in india.pepsi during this period has had to manage competition as well as governmental and judicial activism.and they seem to have managed the environment quite well.


rums said...

sorry uncle but the bubbly campaign is one of the most unimaginative from pepsi so far. it's incredible that the same brand that gave voice to our generation's rallying cry, 'yeh dil maange more...' has reduced itself to this shit!
first there is no tight storyline, the ad goes all over the place, even though the 'bubbly' idea is great, i feel the execution is pathetic! it's one of the worst ads i have seen in a long time.
oh and lest i forget, the first batch of 30 secs to hit the TV screens had a sequence where a bunch of girls with bare midriffs had their navels saying 'oye bubbly', that was a direct lift from an old levi's ad created by the legendary french ad man michel gondry, except that the levi's ad was done more tastefully and the whole idea fit beautifully with the product: it was an ad for low rise jeans and it showed several women in various walks of life wearing the low rise and their navels sang: 'i'm coming out...'. now that is brilliant advertising!

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