Monday, April 11, 2005

Margarita Magic

Margarita Magic
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Magarita.It is magic.The main ingredient is distilled from a plant called the Agave.And this grows in the area around the Mexican town of Tequila.
Beware,nothing else is genuine tequila,no matter what it says on the label.Supporting the tequila is Triple Sec,a colourless orange-flavoured liqueur.
Now comes the 'coup de grace'.Harsha,correct me if I am wrong.You are the expert in these matters.First you rub the rim of the glass with the rind of a lemon .You then dip the rim in salt.Next,shake an ounce and a half of tequila and a half an ounce of triple-sec with ice.And strain into the glass.The result-bien,tre bien, tres tres bien!.
I was inspired to write this after reading an article in mumbai masala by sharon prabhakar.I thought lulu would love to read this as she is an afficianado of this funky,salt-rimmed drink.So say cheers and so down the drink and smack your lips in satisfaction.


Lulu said...

margaritas are definitely my favourite drink in the world. i prefer the drink on the rocks and not frozen. totally lip-smacking and just divine. i always end up asking for more salt!

Anonymous said...