Thursday, March 31, 2005

Casting Couch(contd)

Well it now looks as if the so called rogues are having the last laugh.The film industry is showering both Shakthi Kapoor and Aman Verma with irrefusable offers.Starring them opposite Aishwarya,Rani and the like.They have apologised to the film industry and the whole matter has been forgotten.Life after the sting operation has never looked better for both of them.
Even BBC will be doing a 45 minute documentry on Shakthi Kapoor called the 'Uncrowned Star of India'.BBC wants to shoot his life and work in Bollywood.Also to trace the history of sting operations in journalism and its impact on people's lives.'Duniya main hungama ho gaya',says Shakthi.And Aman says he had never received so many offers from the TV channels and from Bollywood.A blessing in disguise,says he.His hands are literally full and Aman is on a roll.
What an irony!.And now the tormentor is becoming the tormented.Both Shakthi and Aman have filed cases against India TV for invading upon their privacy and defaming them.What happened Rajat Sharma?.Cowed down by Balasaheb? Or some invisible force?.Or is it not adding to the TRP?.Or has it boomeranged?

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