Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sania Mania

For a country starved of icons,Sania Mirza has won the hearts of millions of fans.The brave,beautiful and bold girl from Hyderabad,who was spotted at the tender age of 8 while playing tennis in Bangalore, has firmly positioned herself on the international tennis map.After becoming the first Indian girl to win a WTA title at Hyderabad,she has gone on to win many more laurels.
What really propelled Sania to fame was her match with Serena Williams down under in the Grand Slam tournament.Serena shivered and sweated before she finally won the match.And then Sania's dream performance in Dubai where she got a wild card.She took full advantage of the opportunity and humbled world champion Maria Kuznotsova.The oz flight of fancy and the Dubai dream has jettissoned her to 77 from 450 0r so.She now wants to get into the top 20.It is her focus which is her great strength besides of course a lethal forehand and a booming serve at 160-170mph compared to Serena's 190mph.
Jassilike bespectacled and flashing her nosering which has just come back in vogue,Sania with puppy fat on her face has a mind of her own."I know my Indian culture well,I am not going to pose in a bikini",and "Sometimes I think I am 30,so I definitely feel different from other kids my age".That was what she said and on a recent power trip to New Delhi when she met Sonia,Kalam and Sunil Dutt. Sania even administered polio drops to babies during an awareness campaign in New Delhi. Modern in her outlook, she is a great fan of Eminem,wears short skirts while playing and dresses quite hep.She prays 5 times a day and fasts during Ramzan.
Globosport who handle her commercial work say that she has both the achievement and personality.The italian sports company Lotto has signed her up for 3 years and she will be their international ambassador and will have a signature line of her own.The second woman to do so after her idol Steffi Graf.
Making the impossible possible has become a habit with this tennis diva.She is getting ready for her next big tournament in Europe and who knows she may still pull off similar Houdini acts.Her coach Bob Brett is working on all her weaknesses and if her ankles don't give way she may still serve it up,all aces.


Lulu said...

Love your blog post on Sania Mirza. Sounds like she's really heating up the scene on the international tennis circuit. I hope she achieves all that Steffi did and more. See - I told you that nose rings were back in fashion. Now, why is everyone objecting to me getting one?????????

gs said...

i really don't mind if it is a clip-on.

gs said...

i really don't mind if it is a clip-on.

Anonymous said...