Wednesday, March 30, 2005

To Live Or Not To Live,To Die Or Not To Die

That is the controversy which is raging over Terri Schiavo.And almost all conceivable groups have jumped into the fray.Politicians,religious groups,social conservatives,social liberals et al.For the last 15 years,Terri has been in a vegetative state.And during this period,the feeding tube has been inserted and removed several times due to judicial intervention.And Terri continues to live.Though she may not live any longer as the countdown stated some 11 days ago.As per medical experts she might live for another three or four days.Her husband Michael does not want her to live in such a pathetic state and says Terri would not have wished to live in such a manner.Her parents though insist that there is a glimmer of life still and there is hope that she might still survive.Of course all these are debatable issues and experts will have their own say.

The key question that arises is whether she should be allowed to die with dignity or should be kept further under a life-support system.And if so for how long?.So it is a case between reality and morality.Surely fifteen years is along period to decide on such a matter.But then who is going to bell the cat?.Terri has become a cause celebre for the right to life movement.And they are moving heaven and earth to get the tube back.Unfortunately,Terri has not left a living will behind.Perhaps then Michael could have done what she wanted.To die honourably.It will be a great tragedy if she were made to live in an incapacitated state just on plain moral grounds.

I think the answer lies in leaving it to nature and allow it to take its own course.It is not even euthanasia.It is the right thing to do than keeping a comatose person artificially alive for an indefinite period.Just as there is a right to live,there is also a right to die.

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