Saturday, October 28, 2006

Real Life into Reel Life

Woh Lamhe is supposed to be the the real life story of Mahesh Bhatt's relationship with the late actress Parveen Babi who sizzled the silver screen in the 70s.Too much of grief and tragedy leaves you feeling whether it was all really so bad for Parveen Babi.Schizophrenia and paranoia is a deadly combination no doubt.And if Parveen Babi suffered often from the twin attacks she must really have gone through hell and also caused lot of pain to herself and those around her particularly her companion Mahesh Bhatt.Did Mahesh Bhatt find it difficult to handle her,when she perhaps needed him most? Would you abandon your wife because she becomes a paranoid schizophrenic. Is it a tough question? Why did Mahesh Bhatt selectively release in the media letters that Parveen Babi had recorded on audio tapes and which she sent to him when they were in the thick of their affair in mid 70s.Isn't there a fine line between private and public life? He has turned out to be the master of washing dirty linen in public.And all this preceded the release of the movie.Was he cashing in on the dead and gone Parveen Babi.She is no more to give the public her response.

The film starts with actress Sana Azim (Kangana Raut) attempting suicide by slashing her wrists.Aditya Garewal,her saviour (Shiney Ahuja), is devastated.He has been looking out for her from the time she suddenly disappeared when they were in Goa.There are many who selfishly benefit from Sana's plight.A loutish boyfriend,an insensitive mother,greedy producers all of them hell bent on exploiting her for their narrow interests.She falls in love with a young unemployed director(Shiney Ahuja) who wants to pillion ride on her fame by casting her in his first film.In the process,he falls in love with her.He helps her during her attacks of hallucination and paronia and even takes her away to Goa to help her convalesce when the odds for recovery are heavily stacked against her. Masumi Majhika acts as Rani who haunts her and encourages her to go round the bend.And then Sana disappears.

I think Kangana has stepped into Parveen Babi's shoes with courage and conviction.Though a bit weak on diction,nonetheless she plays her role superbly.Shiney Ahuja as the charmimg filmmaker who is willing to sacrifice his career for his love plays his role very convincingly.Purab Kohli,in a supporting role, as Shiney's friend does a good job.Mohit Suri's direction is above average and the film is quite fast-paced.

Woh Lamhe(those moments)is the pathos-ridden story of a beautiful actress- charmimg and mesmerising.But when her life takes a nasty turn, she has no one with her.Heartbreaking,cruel,tragic;call it what you like,that is her fate.I wonder whether this was really her life.Thankfully, Mahesh Bhatt's trilogy-Arth,Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee and Woh Lamhe has been completed.He has explained his side of the story.We will never know Parveen Babi's.


Anonymous said...

You said:

Thankfully, Mahesh Bhatt's trilogy-Arth,Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee and Woh Lamhe has been completed.He has explained his side of the story.We will never know Parveen Babi's.

And that's exactly what disturbs me - this is only Mahesh Bhatt's version of their relationship, still, I'd like to see it if only because it appears to be making waves and given the subject matter, it appears to me a very moving film.

Thank you for another great review!

gs said...

thanks for your comments lotus reads.what also disturbs me is whereas in the movie sana disappears from goa till she is found with her wrist slashed,in real life,parveen babi went nowhere and continued to stay in mumbai.why did mahesh bhatt desert his wife? that remains unanswered.even assuming that her schizophrenia and paronia were of a very high degree,does it warrant his abandoning his wife?

Anonymous said...

No, he cannot be excused for abandoning his wife...if he found it emotionally disturbing to live with her, the least he could have done was to ensure she had professional care. Goodness, that man has so much money, he could have arranged to have a psychiatric nurse look after her around the clock if he so desired. It's sad that all the people she (Parveen Babi) loved abandoned her one by one.

I really do want to see this movie!

Lulu said...

so many movies to watch! i agree with lotus reads, this one is on top of my list as well..

gs said...

parveen babi deserved all the sympathy,love and care.i totally disapprove of what mb did and consider him guilty of causing her mental torture.

edison said...

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