Friday, October 20, 2006

bonjour blogger!

the french are known to be very passionate people.during my several visits to france i have seen and experienced this typical french emotion.they are also very egoistic and proud.and individualistic too.i was,therefore, not surprised when i read a recent market research report on blogging which ranked the french as the world's most intensive bloggers. blogging is taken 'tres serieusement'. 60% of french internet users visit a blog almost every month ahead of users of other nationalities. in june these french bloggers spent more than one hour visiting france's top-rated blog sites far ahead of americans and germans. more than 3 million internet users which is an eighth of those on line in france have created a blog. and that makes it 5% of the french population. loie is their guru. he is spreading the blogging culture. you cannot be elected president of france if you don't have a blog said a france mp.(our president abdul kalam has his own blog!)

the french authorities expect less congestion on the roads if the french give went to their feelings via the blog and not on the streets. french bloggers have long blogs,are heavily opinionated,passionately debate why they blog so much. more than half the population of 61 million are online. they have large egos and love to talk about themselves. john michel billaut an adviser on internet issues to bank paribas says that blogs are having a great impact on french society.

the single biggest promoter of french blogging is 'skylock', a radio station in paris.skyrock hosts more than 2.3 million blogs.pierre ballinger,president of skyrock says that listenership has got a boost and that 6 million$ a year is new additional revenue for companies who pay for the right to post messages on personal blogs hosted by 'skyrock'.

michel edouard leclerc,ceo of,a leading french retailer has this advice for ceos."don't be afraid of the is a way to concentrate your thoughts,test your ideas and accept criticism".