Saturday, October 21, 2006

it's not iq or eq,dude. it's bq

now here is some research analysis.more than 20,000 people in america were analysed for their height,weight,age,etc to judge their beauty quotient without bringing in any level of subjectivity.also first born children were included in the study.

what does the state of research on sexual evolution say? "females can produce only so many times in their lives;whereas for men at least theoretically the possibilities are all the females in the world times the number of reproductive opportunities(those females) have". sounds complex? anyway this theory fits in with the results of the ananylsis say the london school of economics researchers.

the result is that attractive parents are 26% more likely to have a daughter than a son as their first child. it is an inexorable process resulting in women becoming more and more attractive than men. beautiful parents have more daughters than ugly parents. because you get beauty from the genes and daughters benefit from attractiveness more than sons. and that over time, women on an average are more attractive than men.

said a senior british conservative party mp," i'm sure that i've made no contribution on the attraction front.the beauty quotient lies with my wife,which is probably why we have two of both."

the golden couple of hollywood brad pitt and angelina jolie succumbed to evolutionary forces when their first child,shiloh nouvel, turned out to be a girl.there are many more beautiful people who lend weight to this theory.