Sunday, October 29, 2006


s is away visiting l and i wanted to see a movie the night before diwali. i had a tough was a toss-up between 'don' and 'jaan-e-mann'.i chose the latter.a wrong decision.i couldn't sit beyond intermission.first time probably in my life when i walked away before the movie was over.was it my intolerance of the traditional bollywood fare or what i am not army of qawwals walking out of a wooden cupboard.bizareness almost like a broadway musical.and it seemed that so much money was wasted in production design.ridiculous sets and a lot of rubbish from shirish kunder,husband of farah is shirish's debut film and an example of what happens when you allow your imagination to run wild without any control.when you try to imitate hollywood without any humour and emotions you end up looking stupid.

anupam kher plays a dwarf(baun in hindi) when he is the vertically challenged lawyer and appears as a normal person when he is a restaurateur in new york.a double whammy.akshay kumar as the geek turned dapper good guy is fantastic and endearing though he hardly says anything much in the first half when he keeps on mumbling.salman is the cool dude.longhaired rock singer,immature and a charming womaniser.preity has beauty,brains and wealth.

the picture starts with agastya rao(akshay) narrating his life's story to his blonde colleague on board a spaceship.agastya is a nasa astonaut and scientist.two guys suhan kapoor and agastya (salman and akshay) love the same girl,piya goyal(preity zinta).salman the ex-husband is trying hard to make his ex-wife fall in love with akshay.just to avoid paying a huge and hefty alimony(50 lakhs).and that is the brainwave of his lawyer chachu,anupam kher.suhan's friend,philosopher and guide.piya is in new york,so they take off alongwith akshay who is keen to meet his college love piya.little does he know that she is already married to suhan.

then a collage of new york images.a terrible assault of colour and sequences which compels you to squirm in your seat.the film's director,shirish kunder, takes the credit for the dialogue,story,screenplay and what have you. wish he had shared the work with others.perhaps he could have prevented the movie from becoming a has been produced by sajid nadiadwala for rs 35 crores. and music which is by anu malik is average.and charges of plagiarism have been levelled which anu malik has denied.

my comments and review may not be complete because i did not see the second half.a reviewer said that if you can sit through the first half you will enjoy the second half.after all those initial hiccups,i couldn't wait for the film to settle down.the cashregister hasn't rung for sajid,i understand.though his initial investment of rs35 crores might have been realised,the movie is almost a flop.i am not at all surprised.

i make no 'bauns' about is jaan-e-moan.


Anonymous said...

uncle, these people just don't learn! these bollywood types are so blinkered that they don't even see the changes around them. people just don't have the time or energy or patience to check out a 40 plus salman khan playing a college kid anymore.
sometimes these films make me wonder are these filmi guys really that dumb?

Anonymous said...

LOL, your review made me smile, clearly, you weren't a happy camper in the cinema that evening and rightly so, the movie does seem over the top.

Thank you for saving me from what may have been a terrible, what, three hours?

And I agree with rums, Salman Khan, even with his hair transplant cannot play a college kid anymore, yikes!

gs said...

hello rums and lotus reads
it is true that bwood is generally cut off from reality.if one analyses the number of flops vis a vis the new releases this may become more apparent.people are discerning and are not going to be carried away just with razzmatazz.the filmy guys are mistaken when they think that moviegoers are only looking for fantasy.thankfully it was only one and half hours of torture for me.

Lulu said...

sounds like a total waste of time. i saw an interview with akshay last night on B4U which confirmed that the movie is a total flop. akshay said something pathetic along the lines of "i hope my loyal fnas will give the movie its due".
i've read negative reviews on don as well but i love SRK so much, i've got to see it just for him.
h says it's all plastic surgery. i can't believe that! he is still HOT at 40 + unlike salmaan...

gs said...

i am planning to see don this weekend and will make a comparitive review!

edison said...

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