Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ad Gurus Put To Shame

a bank executive at chennai was suddenly transferred to delhi and had to join duty the very next week.he wanted to sell his 17 month-old car before he left bag and baggage.he was running out of time. waiting for the next issue of classifieds in the local newspaper was out of question.he had to come up quickly with an alternative strategy.

what did he do? he simply posted two A4 size papers on the front and rear windshields of the car on which was prominently written"this car is for contact cell no --------------".

as he sped past mount road,his mobile started ringing. and it rang and rang.endlessly. "sir,how old is your car? is it single owner driven? how many kms has it done? what is your price expectation?

the owner was flooded with didn't take him much time to wrap up the deal and head for delhi.

that was an ingenious way of marketing.the ad community reacted with mixed comments.while some felt that the genuineness of the claims made by the seller by such ads are suspect,others felt that it was a different and cost-effective way of marketing a product.i think that the bank executive did a brilliant job.