Monday, October 23, 2006

The Monk Who Missed the Grammy

This monk has a long name.Geshe Ngawang Tashi Bapu.His name and fame has spread far and wide.Known popularly as Lama Tashi,he was born into a yak-herder's family.With a Godgiven gift.A mellifluous voice.And his solo album Tibetan Master Chants was nominated in the Best Traditional World Music category at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards this year.He is 38 years old.When he was 15 years,he joined the Bomdila monastery in Arunachal Pradesh.His forte is his 'deep voice' chant.A skill that he acquired over years of chanting the Buddhist mantras.To him a word of praise from the Dalai Lama is more treasurable than the Grammy award which he almost won.In 2000,while he was chanting, the Dalai Lama paused in front of him and said "you have a nice voice".

Lama Tashi has plans to set up a home in Arunachal Pradesh for the homeless from the royalties he will be receiving from his solo album.And that he says is closest to his heart.Surely,Lama Tashi has is heart in the right place.He chants so that his listeners may get some peace of mind.