Monday, October 02, 2006

McDonald's at Inderlok, Delhi

when i travel on work,manytimes i am able to do things that i miss out when i am in mumbai .for example,i have been wanting to visit mcdonald's at mumbai vt for many years now but never could find the time. when mcdonald's entered mumbai many years ago,it was a big sensation. that euphoria seems to have died down. however, its popularity with the youth is still very strong. being a vegetarian, there wasn't much of an attraction visiting mcdonald's.but then,i had heard a lot about the service,the cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen.during my last visit to delhi when i was trying out the delhi metro, i had some spare time and i decided to have a go at mcdonald's at inderlok.

we ordered mc aloo tikki burgers,regular fries and cappucino coffee.we picked up the stuff from the serving booth and i enjoyed the aloo tikka and the coffee.i asked the restaurant manager for a guided tour of the kitchen. he arranged one immediately. a girl came over to where i was sitting,introduced herself and took me around the kitchen,cold storage area and the stores.i was impressed with the cleanliness and courteousness of the staff and the technology being used. the guide took a lot of pains to explain to me how they don't mix veg with nonveg preparations and that they even have different coloured uniforms for differentiating the two.

mcdonald's appear to be here now for keeps after the initial resistance and opposition. they have adapted their cooking to suit the palate of the indian population.some time back there was an uproar about beef being used in vegetarian cooking.i think there was an apology that came from them and the matter seems to have died down.two years ago there was a gas cylinder blast in their mumbai central outlet.first reports were that the terrorists had struck. and now one hears that they are shutting shop at mumbai central.not enough footfalls and mounting losses.i wonder how the total india business looks in terms of the bottom line.

they have also taken some social initiatives like collaborating with an ngo for carrying out free eyecheckup programme for schoolgoing children in some of their outlets. they also get some celebs to attend these functions. special pack of season's greeting cards made by them were sold last november in delhi and they had planned to utilise the collections towards restoring vision to poor children.november 20 is world children's day. let us see what they have to offer on this occasion this year.they have also joined hands with the delhi traffic police to launch a road safety programme across various schools in delhi.they also launched a metro rail safety awareness programme. i understand there are many more social initiatives that mcdonald's have been taking.they claim that giving back to the community is their committment.

they seem to be doing a good job at keeping the taste buds ticking. about the weighing scale, i am not so successful is their business in india is also not clear. and regarding their interest in social causes let us wait and watch.


Anonymous said...

uncle i'm amazed at your curiosity and your desire for experiences, really! makes me want to give you a bear hug :)
and yes, reading your post reminded me that, i have yet to take the metro!!

gs said...

hi rums.
thanks for the kind words of encouragement. i am ready for the hug.and do blog about your 'metro' experience.

Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable post! When I visited Bangalore with my kids a few months ago, they were very impressed with McDonald's (especially as they felt the scoops of icecream with the hot chocolate fudge) were far more generous (and less expensive) than here in Canada.

My favorite was/is Pizza Hut - those tandoori pizzas are to die for. I'm not sure how popular they are with the locals, but I really loved them!

Anonymous said...

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