Thursday, August 03, 2006


lakshmi mittal after taking over arcelor has to exhibit his badge of business success. how does he do it? by ordering a superyacht.

blohm and voss, a company that specialises in the manufacture of such yachts is absolutely tightlipped about the owner of its new project 971. lakshmi mittal reportedly took a look at the 'rising sun' owned by billionaire larry ellison last year but he was not very impressed. he seems to have settled for a 94 m vessel which will cost him a cool 200 million us dollars or about rs 950 crores. the delivery is expected to take place in 2009. the interior decoration contract has been awarded to michael leach, a uk firm. the vessel will have its own helicopter.

who are the other proud owners of similar superyachts?

roman abramovich,the russian billionaire who owns the chelsea football club. he owns not one but three.on top of his list is a 150-m vessel.he took 'polarus',115 m long, to germany recently and flew off to watch the world cup after docking it in the baltic sea. larry ellison's 'rising sun' is 138-m long and supposed to be the world's biggest privately owned superyacht. dubai's crown prince has ordered a 160-m vessel .microsoft. co-founder paul allen owns a 127-m superyacht called 'octopus'.he now plans to have it upgraded to 150-m yacht.

with the word spreading around that mittal is going to be the supercilicious owner of a magnificent superyacht,are mukesh and anil ambani going to follow suit? i will not be surprised if blohm and voss are secretly working on project 972 for another indian owner.

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