Friday, August 18, 2006

shravan dinner at 'soam'

we like this restaurant at walkeshwar near babulnath temple so much that we keep on going to it. it is a ten minutes' drive from home, there is valet parking,the ambience is good,the service extremely courteous and the food ubersuper. to have shravan special meal at soam before this hindu calendar month comes to an end was a big reason.

when we reached the restaurant there was a long queue.they don't take reservations. we were only two of our turn came very fast. a south indian family of six who had come before us had to wait till we were practically through.

and what did we order from the special shravan menu card? faraali seve puri and sabudana wada for starters. followed by faraali kofta curry with rajgira paranthas and faraali oondhiyu with puris. the koftas had bottlegourd and paneer in it and was simmered in a white gravy made with fasting ingredients. hence faraali! and the oondhiyu which is a soam speciality,had purple yam,suran,potatoes,sweet potatoes and faraali muthia slow cooked in a mixture of coconut and coriander and we had them with rajgira puris.for dessert we ordered pineapple akhror shrikand and sama sheera. sama sheera is sama sauted in ghee and enriched with milk sugar cardamom and dried fruits. the other dessert had pineapples and walnuts smothered in fresh sweetened yoghurt.

we came out light yet very satisfied. the bill came to 320 rs or just about 4 pounds sterling.

yeh dil maange mor!

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