Sunday, August 06, 2006


a fortnight back i decided to see the 'superman returns'.it was the first superman film in 11 had cost the producers about 200 million dollars to make. after about five years in outer space the superman returns to find his girlfriend lois is already involved in a relationship with the assistant editor of a newspaper.the villianous lex luthor has mounted his most ambitious and dirty act and he wants to be God so that he can change the face of the world. ultimately good prevails over evil.superman saves the world but is devastated at having lost his lady love.the special effects are dazzling and the cinematography brilliant. like the aircraft sequence ushering the return of the superman. but is brandon routh really up to it? hardly. he has a close resemblance to chris reeves. period. he lacks charisma as superman. ironically superman plays a superweak role. he is the weakest link in the movie which has a poor storyline. spiderman,batman,discoman-they were all much better than superman. but then, it has turned out to be a hugely profitable film. it will recover much more than what it took to make it.

almost simultaneously a similar movie titled 'krissh' was released. i saw it a few days back and liked it more than 'superman returns'. it breaks a new ground in indian filmmaking and has truly created a new indian superhero. hrithik roshan.tony ching has done an excellent job with his spectacular stunts no doubt but then nobody could have done this role better than hrithik. tom cruise,brad pitt and tom hanks. watch out. you have competition. unlike the 'superman returns' story, rakesh roshan has created a story that is appealing.

the first half of the film is slow but then the pacy second half more than makes up for the slow speed in the first half. hrithik has a double role.he plays his father as both look has been 20 years since the event of koi mil gaya.his brilliant father is kept in captivity by dr arya(naseeruddin shah) who wants a computer to be invented which can foretell the future. hrithik's father,rohit mehra, toils day and night and invents such a computer.but when he realises that dr arya has sinister plans,he destroys them.dr arya decides to make another computer all over hrithik's father is required for his palmprint and heartbeats as these are the passwords,dr arya keeps him alive in captivity and proposes to kill him after the computer gets going.his mother,rekha, is informed that her son has died in a fire accident. rekha as krishna's grandmother puts in a stellar performance.rohit's wife dies soon after hearing the news of rohit's death but not before giving birth to krishna.

krishna inherits the special powers that the alien jadoo bestowed on his father.his grandmother hides him away in kasauli. the village hick krishna falls in love with city woman priya. krissh's superhuman actions in india and later on in singapore where he goes to meet his new love priya(priyanka chopra) is a treat to the eyes.krissh kills dr arya and saves his father and the family gets by rajesh roshan is not extraordinary and only one song,pyaar ki ek kahaani, is hummable.on the whole worth a dekko for the special effects and hrithik's and rekha's acting. the movie is a superhit.

in comparison to 'superman returns',' krissh' rocks. hrithik leapt and conquered while brandon leapt and failed.

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