Tuesday, August 15, 2006


javed jaffery in 'salaam namaste' uttered this word 'eggxactly' so many times. followed by a 'sorry?' by his girlfriend/livein/wife. what have you. it was funny.

recently when i read a newsitem that you can get a perfectly boiled egg sans water by using a device called "eggxactly", i was reminded of this crocodile dundee.

i am not an eggeater.i gave it up when i was young.i never liked eggs.i was very thin those days and our family doctor advised that i should have an egg a day.and my mom decided to follow the good doctor's advice.finding a lot of resistance from me, instead of boiled eggs or raw egg in milk she decided to give me an omlette. that settled the matter then. i had it for many years till i decided one day to give it up. then why this sudden interest in eggs one might ask.

i was intrigued by the newsitem.and wanted to know how this contraption works. a computer software expert, james seddon has invented a device called' eggxactly'. you place the egg in the device. it sits on a flexible plastic element and you heat it to just over 100 degrees.and you can set it to the degree of hardness that you desire.very soft,soft,medium and hard. within 3 to 5 mintes the alarm goes off signifying that the egg is ready.

when you heat the egg to 100 degrees a little bit of water oozes from the egg through the shell.this helps in conducting the heat.

got it? eggxactly! sorry?


Lulu said...

hilarious! loved the sorry at the end. reminded of that ditsy blonde in the movie!

edison said...