Saturday, February 27, 2010

one lemon,seven green chillies and a piece of charcoal.

yes,this combination can keep the evil away. if you are superstitious and think that evil eyes are being cast on you and your loved ones by some petty and jealous people, you can do what many in mumbai do. tie a lemon chilli charcoal combo and tie it up to your vehicle or the main door of your home. you will find the negative energies generated by your enemies diminishing.

rahul gandhi says it is not a bad idea when it was suggested that along the indo- china border we should tie the lemon-chilli-charcoal combo to prevent the chinese from trying to capture our territory. this is one instance where bjp also supports the congress party.

we are a superstitious lot, whether we like it or not. we run cars over lemons, we apply colyrium to our babies' eyes to ward off evil. we burn camphor in front of the gods so that no'drishti' befalls them. we also burn camphor and circambulate the camphor stand three times in front of our children so that no "bura nazar" falls on them."chashme bud dur"-kisi ki nagar na lage!

i bought this combo some time back and have kept it safely in my room. i think it is working.i might one day soon even get a german-silver vaastu/ fengshui compliant limboo- mirchi- charcoal to add to the numerous other 'totkas"(charm) that i keep, to bring me good luck. i even keep a "e-limboo" as dhrishti pariharam.

as the north indian would say "tere mukh kalo ho buri nazar waale" (oh man with evil eyes let your face be black)


Haddock said...

and its not only in Mumbai but all over India.
There is no dearth of superstitious people in our country.

gs said...

yes haddock,i suppose so. why in our country only? on the whole, i dare to make a statement that there are more superstitious people in the world than those who are not.

RupaB said...

Did you mean "tchochke" as in the yiddish word or is there a word similar to that in some indian language?

I like the german silver chillies/lemon thingy though, it would make a great gift tell me where I can get some!

Anonymous said...

It's in USA also, but only on 31st October every year!

gs said...

the great physicist and noble prize winner Nelsborn had a horseshoe hanging on the main entrance door of his home.his friend asked him "do you believe in superstitions?".he answered "it doesn't matter whether i believe in superstitions or not,it has been extremely lucky for me".

gs said...

hello rupa
totkas are small tantra is a hindi word.

SundaeRed said...

GS, our store has fabric lemon chillies...very cute...I came across your blog trying to find out why drivers hang those.

Thanks for the answers. If you'd like to see a pic we're on facebook (The Shop).

Anonymous said...

Humans are a wierd lot. They are so vain that they beieve that they are the most knowledgeable, the wisest, & the rest of the world is dumb. This is especially true of those who consider themselves to be "educated, modern, weternized, progressive, intellectuals" The general attitude is, "whatever I do is logical & scientific, & whatever u do is superstition & illogical" Som go to the extreme of calling it demonic or kafir or whatever, & the more dogmatic & supestitius the people, the more aggressive they are about pushing their belief, crossing all lmits of civility & humanity, even brutality, & that is what conversion is all about. In my travels al over the world, I have yet to meet a person who is not superstitious. People just make a vain effrt to hide their superstitious behaviour by bashing up other people's beliefs.

richu verma said...

before commenting on it. we should find the reason behind it.