Tuesday, February 23, 2010


a recent on-line survey of 2000 people in the UK revealed an interesting side of a woman's personality.according to this survey,female co-workers are twice more likely to be involved in backbiting than male colleagues.two in five women admitted to sending nasty messages to their co-workers against one in five men.it seems that a typical female employeee spends about 20 minutes a day foulmouthing someone they work with. either they text or email to convey their negative feelings.25% of the workers said that they moan about their colleagues even after office hours.

"on-poll", an online market research company that carried out the survey also said that women disliked their colleagues because they were jealous or saw them as a threat. on the other hand men envied their colleagues either for laziness or for having ideas above their station.oftentimes the problem was the boss.people in positions of authority are victims of backbiting. in the survey, senior management came out as the least liked group of all.

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