Friday, February 12, 2010

the french loaf

recently i have been visiting chennai quite frequently. twice on business and once on a personal visit in the last one month. on the business trips, i decided to try out some restaurants that i have not visited so colleague and i had lunch at an ayurvedic joint. i will come to that in my next blog. during another visit,we decided to have a light lunch and after some research,we zeroed in on 'the french loaf' at harrington road chetpet. run by chennai based oriental cuisines private limited,french loaf has some 18 outlets in the country,with their dominant presence in chennai of 7 of these restaurants.their tag line is appropriately worded-"we personify the art of baking".

the ambience here is cozy with an informal atmosphere all can choose to sit on stylish chairs or opt for the bar with high depicting various french images including the eiffel tower adorn one side-wall near the bar.the service is excellent and get a wide array of breads,pastries,cakes,baguettes and croissants all in one place. the rye bread appears to be their has good nutritive value and fibre content. and there are quite a few variety of european cheeses too,including my favourite gouda cheese. a one stop shoppe for bread and bread products. we had a sandwich made out of whole wheat bread with mexican vegetables as filling and we topped it up with some creamy cappucino.we enjoyed it and came out feeling light but fully satiated.

the icing on the cake was a chance encounter with south indian tv star khushboo when we were leaving. a sweet end to a pleasant dining experience.

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