Saturday, February 13, 2010

what's life's greatest little pleasure?

"god bless the inventor of sleep,the cloak that covers all men's thoughts".-cervantes

a recent survey conducted in britain on about 3000 people by 'batchelor's cup-a-soup' puts a good night's sleep on top of the greatest little pleasures of life. can you put a price tag on these pleasures? maybe we should check with paul frijters,an australian economist who has recently worked out the value of various milestones in life.frijters has discoveered a formula to determine the cost of happiness. declared as the best economist under age 40,he says,"money has a greater effect on happiness than previously thought". if you have any suggestions on the greatest little pleasures of life, submit it to

the top 50 greatest little pleasures as per the survey are:

1.a good night's sleep
2.finding a forgotten tenner in your pocket
3.cuddling up with a partner in bed
4.crying with laughter
5.having a lie-in
6.sleeping in newly laundered bedding
7.getting a bargain
8.making someone smile
9.catching up with an old friend
10.laughing at things that have happened in the past
11.eating a Sunday roast with your family
12.someone saying you look nice
13.curling up on the sofa with a good book and a hot drink or soup
14.discovering you've lost a few pounds
15.breakfast in bed
16.waking up thinking it's a work day and then realising it's the weekend
17.a random person smiling at you in the street
18.looking through old photo albums
19.eating a takeaway
20.first snow fall of the year
21.Singing your heart out to your favourite song in car
22.having lunch with friends
23.listening to a baby laughing
24.having a massage
25.reading a book or listening to your iPod on holiday by the pool
26.playing in snow
27.finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly
28.being chatted up
29.a girly-night in
30.a pampering session at home
31.the smell of freshly cut grass
32.sitting in the pub with your friends
33.looking at a baby asleep in a cot
34.waking up in a room with an amazing view
35.clothes shopping
36.receiving a letter from a friend
37.fitting into an old pair of jeans again after losing some weight
38.staying up all night getting to know someone special
39.your mum's cooking
40.getting dressed up for a night out
41.watching a live band
42.drinking a cold beer after work
43.browsing in a secondhand book shop
44.going to the cinema
45.getting a new hairstyle
46.your queue being the quickest in the supermarket
47.the cold side of the pillow
48.watching a DVD
49.getting tipsy
50.popping bubble wrap. (ANI)

have a good night's sleep!


Prashant Sree said...

Very true. Nothing like a good night's sleep...

mannab said...

What a poor Indian like me can wish and submit any little suggection on the greatest little pleasures to a UK based website? gs, you are one of us.In these, nowhere love towards my nation seems to appear.
Mangesh Nabar

gs said...

hello prashant
i would love to sleep for a few more hours every night.i sleep for just about six hours.and i don't nap because that spoils my night's sleep.

gs said...

hello mannab
don't forget that the survey was conducted on the youth. also love for the nation cannot be termed as a little is something very much bigger.i would imagine your greatest little pleasure to be enjoying a plate of thaleepeet and listening to old hindi movie songs sung by mohd rafi and lata mangeshkar.right?

A Virtual Vegetarian said...

#21 and #43 rank very high on my list :)

gs said...

hi avv
high on my list would be (1),(8) and (24).

mannab said...

Please allow me forward your post to some of my friends on the most lavable aspect of everyone of us.Though there are fifty items, all may not everyone's priority. Regards.

gs said...

hello mannab
surely.please go ahead.