Tuesday, February 05, 2008


i recently attended two weddings.both the families are well known to us.buying a gift for the newly weds is often a bit tricky.many of the gifts get trashed or get recirculated if they are surplus to their requirements or if they are not unique. or not of great value.the problem becomes compounded if the newlyweds are doing well and settled abroad.most of the things that you can think of,they have it anyway.the gifts, therefore, have to be carefully chosen. they are not willing to carry extra baggage with them when they fly back.

some hosts insert a small note alongwith the wedding invitation saying "no gifts please,only blessings". that lightens the invitee's task. but if you sincerely want to give a present, under such circumstances what do you do? a gift cheque is an option.but it becomes a bit impersonal. i decided to present pashminas to both the brides.they live in london.they would for sure use it and light as pashminas are,carrying them should pose no problem.they are valuable and one would look really classy with the pashmina decking the upper torso. i was happy that i had found a perfect solution. a gift having elegance and finnesse.

what is pashmina? it is a rare soft wool from the underbelly of the capra hircus goat. these goats are in abundance in the palins of the northern himalayas.nepal,tibet and kashmir.the westerners refer to this wool as "cashmere".the pashmina shawls and scarvess come with various designs and the price band extends from 600 rs to a few lakhs.the shops in taj mahal hotel and the oberoi are reputed for selling original pashminas.there are many other well-established shops too dealing in original pashminas. the fabrics are known for their softness and texture. the scarves and shawls are all delicate and brightly coloured. sometimes pashmina is blended with silk. it gives it a soft and warm feel.

due to the recent melting of snow in the himalayas and the severe cold about one lakh 'chyangra' goats have already died. if the cold spell continues, sadly, many more goats wil lose their lives. what a pity. they give their coat for our warmth but when they need warmth they cannot be saved.


Lulu said...

very sad to hear about the Himalayan goats. very ironic indeed.

gs said...

the largescale deaths of these goats due to the severe winter in the northern himalayan plains this year is a great tragedy.

A Virtual Vegetarian said...

I'm allergic to wool....however the wool/silk blend of the pashmina shawls work for me (does not make skin break out in hives)

I usually pay a slighly obscene figure for my cashmere wraps, but maybe a visit to the Obs should be on the list on my next visit....which one do you recommend?

gs said...

humhum ? ma'm seems to be having expensive tastes. jokes aside,one has to be careful while buying pashminas. there are so many varieties that one could get lost and cheated.i have dared to try only at the obs.if you visit delhi,i think you will probably get better pashminas and relatively cheaper ones too.

edison said...