Wednesday, February 06, 2008

the big fat indian lunch

jayalalitha,the ex cm of tamil nadu, is known for thinking big.she recently courted narendra modi,cm of gujerat.modi had won the recently held state election with a thumping majority disproving his critcs and naysayers.he belongs to bjp and by inviting him and giving him honours, jayalaitha,the shrewd politician that she is,has signalled her readiness to join hands with bjp whom she had abandoned many years ago.

it has been reported that narendra modi was invited to jayalaitha's posh poes garden residence for lunch on pongal day. a lavish spread consisiting of delicacies from various indian states were placed on the platter. aviyal,samosa,bisi belle bhath,avakai,rosogollas,wheat halwa,pulav etc.etc. of course tamil delicacies like venn pongal and chakra pongal,idi-appam,poriyal,kuzhi paniyaram,ennai katthrikai,kara kozhambu featured prominently. it was a gargantuan lunch. a 45 course lunch fit for a king.narendra modi is a teeotaller and a frugal eater. narendra modi had to suffer an embarrasment of riches.

i wonder what would be the reaction of karunanidhi and clan to this maha saappadu.stalin and kanimozhi,the favourites of kalaignar, have recently made truce with their discarded sibling azhagiri,who recently celebrated his 57th birthday at madurai with pomp and splendour.with the family united jayalalitha would find it difficult to drive any wedge.however she still has a chance. dayanidhi maran booted out of dmk by his thatha (grandfather) must also be planning his next moves. will he join hands with his erstwile foe jayalalitha? it is difficult to say. in politics there are strange bedfellows.

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