Saturday, February 23, 2008


written and directed by rajat kapoor of 'bheja fry' fame and starring naseeruddin shah,ranvir shorey,neha dupia and vinay pathak,the movie turned out to be literally what it is called. a deception.the protogonist ranvir shorey(vk) like many others is bollywood struck and descends on amchi mumbai from noida to start a filmi career.his histrionics is limited to his 'kholi' where he lives.on the ground,it is reality.he ends the day sitting on the marine drive parapet with a whisky bottle in his hand to drown his misery.suddenly there is an underworld shootout right behind him.he jumps over the parapet and struggles to remain safe.the killers shoot anyone they see to leave no eyewitnesses behind.they miss him and having completed their job they urinate over the parapet .vk misses the shower by a few inches.

unfortunately,he really doesn't escape.his face gives him away.he is a lookalike of the mafia boss(rajbhaisaheb) who was the one who was shot.the underworld accidentally and luckily get hold of him and make him an instrument of their nefarious designs.he is sucked into a life of gangsterism and deceit.he keeps on assuring his mother in noida that he is doing very well as a bollywood hero after sending her lots of money which he negotiated and got from the mafia for doing their dirty jobs.gangster naseruddin shah and his sidekick(vinay pathak) have their own plans.they send him to rajbhaishaeb's home to replace implausible!

vk romances naseeruddin's moll neha dupia and when he replaces rajbhai,he gets close to his wife( iravati harshe).there are some intimate moments with her too.he seeps into rajbhai's character after tremendous intital much so that he becomes very close to their two children.a person who is compelled to change his own identity becomes the person he replaces and loses his own identity.the dupilcity is found out by rajbhai's brothers and he gets a thrashing of his life. he returns in tatters.

supposed to be a comic thriller,it fails miserably inspite of having an excellent cast.the dons do their roles well.neha dupia as the vamp is a disappointment.ranvir shorey does quite a decent job.he has to show a range of emotions from being funny to frustration and sadness.he falls sick when he is given a lousy vada-pav.when not given an omlette he yells that he will kill himself.when he buys whisky,he opts for the brand which comes alongwith a free the midst of the killings he tries to save his glass.the story line is weak,the pace is slow and very often it reaches a 'cul de sac'.

true to its name it flatters to avoidable movie.


Lotus Reads said...

Oh dear, a friend of mine told me to buy Mithya and I did ( I haven't watched it yet, was planning to do so this weekend)I am so disappointed you didn't find it up to the mark. I respect your opinion very much and I feel certain I won't be enjoying it either.

Any other Hindi movie I should look out for? What did you think of the new Ajay Devgan and Kajol movie?

gs said...

hi lr
did you see 'mithya' after all? and if you did,what are your views on the movie?
the ajay devgan kajol movie was a big ajay directorial misadventure.the second half of was about kajol becoming an alzheimer's patient. the first half was so bad that i left the hall immediately on intermission.
have you watched 'khuda ke liye' ?

edison said...

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