Thursday, June 21, 2007

snacklets at rajdhani

it is not the prestigious mumbai-delhi-mumbai train or even our notorious capital. it is a new eating place at metro adlabs. part of the rajdhani restaurant chain. the most famous one is located at crawford market near the masjid. i have been there several times. the hot puris and gujerati/rajasthani dishes are something to die for. when i heard that they have opened a snacklet at metro adlabs theatre, i decided to give it a try.good ambience and fast service. i felt that it was not fit for the rather crude person next to our table was shouting at the top of his voice at what he felt was insufficient atention being paid to him. as i had some guests with me it was very embarassing.

instead of the traditional thali you get exciting meal combos without any loss of the original rajasthani touch. satpaddi na gatta(layered chappatis) with besan ganthias cooked in curd gravy,dal dhokli and darbhari khichdi,dry aaloo bhaji,a barbecued aubergine with millet bread called ollo rotlo.not to mention the ubiquitious farsans-dhokla,ghugr.khandvi and patra.

as it was the end of the mango season there were only a few varieties of mango flavoured snacks.their unusual mango based dishes are really unique. kairi kaanda bhajia,fajita pulao,smoked kairi chaas,and thepla with amarkhand.

prices are is open all any time is 'jamvanu' time.


Lotus Reads said...

gs, anytime you describe a new eating place, it makes me green with envy! I miss all those wonderful restaurants Mumbai has to offer...why am I so far away? *sob,sob*

gs said...

hi lr
i am only touching the tip of the iceberg. so many new and fascinating restaurants have come up in mumbai. amazing ambience and mouthwatering delicacies with internatiional h recently took me to one such place called 'busaba'.have you hear about it? you will shortly read about it in my blog! "sob,sob,sob".

david mcmahon said...

Hi Lotus,

I'm with you. He's torturing us! (And doing it with such aplomb)

gs said...

lr is sobbing away and you are feeling tortured.i never realised i could be generating such negative emotions.what sadistic pleasure i must be deriving.and to make you salivate more, the next one is going to be on a southeeast asian restaurant named after a thai wild flower. wow what a dining experience it was!

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, gs!

David is right this is torture but you do it so well, we keep coming back for more! :)

Seriously though, I envy you folks, these restaurants you describe sound like a true gourmet's delight!