Wednesday, June 20, 2007

it's boom time,baby

both the indian and chinese economies are moving at a fast clip.some economists are afraid that they are overheating.our mandarins say "no". they are emphatic that inflation is under control and the good monsoon will ease the pressure on prices. in any case they say,systems and controls are in place to check any runaway inflation. like the interest rates. which moves up when the growth is too rapid. that puts a brake and keeps the economy on the right course. but the baby boom continues without any a selfish way,i am not bothered about that.

2007 is the "year of the golden pig". it is considered auspicious for newborn per hindu calendar it the "sarvajit" year. the pig is one of the 12 animals on the 12-year cycle of the chinese zodiac,which follows the lunar calendar.the "year of the golden pig" comes once every 60 years.we also follow the 60-year cycle.

children born during the year of the pig are polite,honest,hardworking,loyal and the chinese claim.newborn chinese babies are immersed in a pool of water with a rubber ring surrounding is supposed to keep the baby calm and peaceful.

i cannot vouch for any of these qualities yet. but i can dance and shake to 'shakalakaboom'. i have become a grandpa.
l gave birth to a lovely girl on friday the 15th. a bundle of joy. h and l have named her "ruhi".

in office,my colleagues clamoured for sweets to mark the joyous and auspicious occasion. one of them suggested that i should get barfis. "pedas for babas and barfis for babies", he said. and when i distributed the barfis i proclaimed "mee aazoba zalo" (i have become a grandfather). be in rome like the romans!


Lotus Reads said...

Congratulations, GS!

This is such great news and Ruhi is such a beautiful name! Hope the sweet mom is doing well, congratulations to her and the proud dad as well.

Since you can't send us sweets, don't forget to share some pictures! :)

Congratulations once again, I rejoice in your happiness!

gs said...

hi lr
full marks to h and l for selecting ruhi as the name for their daughter.both are over the moon in their happiness and thank god for his blessings.ruhi's mom is doing very well.i jocularly tell her that she looks ready for another one! we will surely share sweet pictures of ruhi with you.
thanks a ton.

Nirmala said...

Gopu, For a blogger of your 'stature' the annnouncement of Ruhi's arrival is very tame. We Readers of Your Blog need more information and pictures. Oh I almost forgot -Hearty Congratulations and Welcome to Grandoarents Club

gs said...

hello nirmala
many thanks for your congrats and for welcoming me to the GP club.i am very proud and honoured to join this group.with regard to ruhi's arrival,i did not want to take the thunder away from l. hence the low key announcement.she has the pics and updates in a separate url.

Prita said...

Congratulations! Ruhi is a very beautiful name. and I must say she is in stellar company ;)(just kidding) She shares her birthday with me.
I just had a son 5 months ago and am enjoying being a mother. My best wishes to your daughter


gs said...

hello prita
many daughter's cousin also was born on the same day.there are three of you now! motherhood is a great blessing.
take care.