Saturday, June 16, 2007

eros mein "metro".

life in a metro rocks and rolls. director anurag basu of 'gangster' fame has worked hard to prove his point. his inspiration has come from an old(1960) hollywood film called "the apartment". shilpa shetty who maintains her newfound international ranking; kay kay menon who never fails to disappoint and even sings; kangana raut,the absentminded beauty; konkona sensharma, the punky bengali with an artistic lineage and the great irfan whom i always mistake as a bengali after his excellent portrayal of ashok ganguly in 'namesake' and the up and coming sharman joshi all make a great ensemble to together and individually convey what life is all about for yuppies in this fast and frentic concrete jungle which has very little sensitivities.they depict the different facets of relationships,emotions and feelings,love and sex.they are looking for instant gratification.a city which gives you more dreams and less sleep. lyrics by sayeed quadri and music by pritam beautifully convey the individual lives of seven people living in mumbai.

amol(dharmendra) a 70 year old man returns to india after 40 years to spend the last years of his life with his first love shivani(nafisa ali) who is a widow,is the dance teacher of shika(shilpa shetty) and lives in an old age home.she cannot forget her first love affair and literally dies in his arms.for she says that the first love is something that you can never forget.

shikha, though well educated, is a homemaker and she and ranjeet have a 6 year old girl. ranjeet a tad lower in education than shikha is quite a successful hrd executive in a bpo firm. he has a beautiful secretary(kangana raut) who is very efficient and also in love with her boss. ranjeet likes to have a good time with her.period. when neha realises her folly,she tries to commit suicide but is saved by her silent fan and admirer and lover rahul(sherman joshi). he is ambitious,wants to move up the executive ladder fast, and is prepared to adopt any means to achieve his objective. he keeps his boss ranjeet pleased by making his flat available to him for his nocturnal activities with neha. shikha's marriage has become a bit of a bore and shikha becomes an easy prey to someone who shows affection to her. by accident she meets a good for nothing artist akash( shiney ahuja). they develop an instant chemistry and meet several times after their first chance meeting. shiney fully knowing that shikha's marriage is crumbling proposes to her for a live-in relationship which she straight away rejects and is angry with herself for almost destroying her home.she confesses to ranjeet who turns violent on hearing about her affair.but after neha's suicide attempt and love for sherman,the philanderer has no where to go but return to his own home.shikha forgives and forgets.rahul and neha come together and rahul fulfills his dream of owning a restaurant.

shruti(konkona) is shikha's sister and neha's roommate.shruti works in radio mirchi and is desperate to marry and settle down.she falls in love with wishy k and is shocked to find out that he is gay.through a matrimonial site on the internet she meets monty(irfan pathan). she is unimpressed and even despises him. but he likes her and is willing to marry her. she will have nothing to do with him.but fate wills it otherwise.eventually monty literally chases her in his baarati horse from the pandal in which he was getting married to another girl and they come together. a scene where irfan and konkona are on a rooftop and scream their throats nay lungs out is funny. "when it is the matter of the heart,listen to the heart and not to the mind". well said.

the highlight of the film are the the rockband which truly has an urban flavour.the soft rock music truly rocks.they go about strumming their guitars. 'in dino','alvida','o meri jaan','baaten kuch ankahee si' and other numbers have remained chartbusters for a long long time.for the first time,a rock band that takes the story forward. produced by ronnie screwvala of utv motion pictures it is a realistic depiction of life in this fast 'amchi mumbai'. bobby singh is very good with the camera.

in a lighter vein,i must mention about a titibit i read in a daily about a 'burbie' film buff.he went to the sterling theatre for an 8pm show but was rather late.he then decided to cab it to inox at nariman point.on the way he passed through eros where he realised he might be able to see the movie earlier than at inox. and for also half the price. he told the cabbie "boss,zara dekho,eros mein metro hai kya?" the cabbie was confused,jammed the brakes and asked,"saab,aapko metro jaana hai ya eros?"


Lotus Reads said...

GS, I am so glad you wrote a review for "Life in A Metro", I have the movie with me, but haven't seen it yet....I am going to watch it one of these days and then I will come back and comment.

I am halfway through "Parzana" at the moment. Not sure I am going to blog about it, might give it a mention certainly deserves that.

gs said...

i continue to remain amazed at your capacity to read books and watch movies.and blog! has god given you more than 24 hours? i haven't seen 'parzana' yet;but it is in my wish list.on sunday night i saw "sivaji".wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, gs!

And I also volunteer in the ER of a hospital 5 days in the week! :)

Nah, it's not as difficult as it sounds...reading fast comes naturally to me, I can sit down and read 50 pages of a book in short time. I don't watch movies all in one go, I watch maybe 20-30 mins every evening, sometimes it can take me about a week to finish a movie. Speaking of movies, I have started "Life in A Metro" but I must be the only one who is not impressed. Granted, I am not even halfway through, but there are far too many characters for me, and does the movie want you to believe that everybody in the city is unhappy and having an affair?

Irrfan Khan has appeared only once so far and that's getting me quite antsy...I was hoping he had a bigger role?

BTW, the movie I just finished watching is called "Parzania" not "Parzana" as I mistakenly typed. You must have heard of it?