Tuesday, June 19, 2007

kolkata and the first rains

a few days back it rained heavily in kolkata.not unusual at this time of the year.when i take my evening flights,i am always a bit wary of the 'norwester'. before landing at dum dum airport you really get a good shakeup for 10 to 15 minutes. and as usual the roads got flooded. and who came to the comman man's rescue. no prizes for the answer. it was the affable rickshawallah. a fading community. facing a permanent ban from kolkata's streets. will better sense prevail?

can you spot ashima's(namesake) fictional house on amherst street?


Sushma said...

Hello Sir,

Congratulations! Just read in Lulu's blog. Baby Girls are always famous with dads /grand dads.

I guess you will be having more fun from now on!!

Take care,

gs said...

hello sushma
many thanks for your congrats.the little bundle of joy is indeed giving all of us great fun.looks wonderful to be a granddad!