Saturday, November 03, 2007

srk,the bollywood badshah

shah rukh khan is on a roll these days.hogging the headlines of all newspapers,coverpages of magazines and interviews with tv channels,a dime a dozen.he has just turned 42 and the country is awaiting with bated breath the release of oso(om shanthi om).there is an ad blitzkreig for the last month or so by the producers of oso, projecting shah rukh khan,the filmy baadshah and debutante deepika padukone(daughter of world badminton champion prakash padukone) as the rising star.

shah rukh,the delhi boy, started from humble beginnings to now stride as a collosus over bollywood.without any godfather or filmy connections,he has made it to the top with sheer grit,talent,suaveness and streetsmartness.unlike the other khans in the bollywood bazaar,he has no blot on his name and has a squeakingly clean reputation.also known for helping friends in need and dear ones not so much in for example farah khan to whom he recently gifted a brand new S350 mercedes benz.he had earlier given her a hyundai terrracan after the completion of her debut film 'main hoon na' in 2004.he already has two cars she said but the third one is a welcome addition. one for each of the triplets she is expecting soon!

the rockstar with the six pack abs has one problem though. he smokes which his fans don't like. they want him to give up smoking. some of his recent ads showing him smoking hasn't gone too well with his admirers.maybe he will learn from what they have to say because they don't want him to go up in smoke.

the 'chak de india' hero has a long wishlist on his 42nd birthday. ten beautiful films to make,son and daughter to beat him at all sports, children becoming more educated than him, making a beautiful film studio, a trust and hospital(a la imran khan) and public utilities and amenities for women all over the country. noble thoughts indeed.he surely can do all these too.

k-jo(karan johar) and aditya chopra are his buddies.they give him the best presents and fill his life with joy and camaraderie.the king of bollywood feels that age is just a number.though white strands have appeared in his hair, he has been dyeing his hair regularly and he feels he is the most looked after person in the world.age is no obstacle.he beats kids half his age in many physical things that they do.

his on-screen and off-screen chemistry with kajol is legion.their pairing has always resulted in a it ddlj,baazigar,kuch kuch hota hai and even kal ho na ho. they will be coming together in 'my name is khan',a setting on post 9/11.

a go-getter,hardworking and stylish and elegant,it took him only six packs to muscle his way back to the youth icon group with a focus few can match.fond of good dressing, his endorsements for hyundai or taghauer or so many other brands captivate the youth and seniors alike.a superachiever with 10 filmfare awards,padma shri recipient,featured on the cover of 'time' and 'national geographic' and cast in wax at madam tussaud's.easily another 20 years of film life is ahead of him.all his qualities will keep the king khan at the top of the pack,for sure.


Lotus Reads said...

Hi, gs!

SRK is certainly hogging the headlines, not just of the media, but of the blogosphere as well...not only did you just write a post on him, but recently I reviewed Anupama Chopra's book "King of Bollywood", and yesterday I visited a blog I hadn't been to in a long time and guess what the post of the day was....yes, you got it, SRK again! :)

Anupama Chopra interviewed him on NDTV on Friday and he comes off as being arrogant but in a very likeable way. I'd like to watch "Om Shanti Om", how about you?

gs said...

hi lr
i read your review on the book on is true that now he is all over the that making him somewhat arrogant? maybe.
we have a long diwali weekend and i have asked my family to buy tickets for 1)jab we met,2)sanwariya and 3)oso as i am now on a business can be assured of a review of all these films soon.but only after i blog about my jodhpur jaunt.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi again gs!

Yes, I cannot wait for your Jodhpur posts, I've never been there so I would love to see a bit of the city through you.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy Diwali, may this year and the years ahead bring you all lots of happiness, health and prosperity.

gs said...

hi lr
many thanks for "happy divali".i wish you and your family the same.i have a small post on deepavali before the big splash on jodhpur.

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