Friday, November 16, 2007

'jab we met'

i like shahid kapoor. he has a cherubic face. i like kareena too.for her acting abilities.and her looks. the chemistry between these two stars is electrifying.the pair has had several hits and 'jab we met' is no exception.the only sad part is that the relationship between these two bubbling youngsters has come to a stage when they would have said to each other 'ab we will not meet'. whether they will continue to act together is anybody's guess.

kareena dominates the entire movie.and she does it with absolute control over her dialogue(both punjabi and hindi) and her facial expressions and body language.plenty of punjabi 'baatcheet' and songs and dances 'a la bhangra '.all adding up to the fun and frolic.

for such a vivacious 'geet'(kareena kapoor) meeting a quiet sulken aditya(shahid kapoor) on a train was a big dampener to begin with.she would talk nineteen to the dozen.he would just keep quiet and frustrate her. was he dumb? "kya problem hai yaar, yeh to bolo". silence. son of a wealthy businessman from mumbai,aditya was in love.his girlfriend ditches him and marries another man. aditya attends the marriage reception and is shattered to see her alongwith her husband. brokenhearted he gets into the first train he sees. he sits and closes his eyes.when he opens his eyes he sees this talkative girl seated opposite him.she is headed home for bhatinda in punjab. her continuous chatter derails him.he runs away not able to tolerate someone disturbing his space and peace which is what he is looking for after being letdown by his girl friend. but geet wouldn't leave him. she gets off the train to get him back but the train has by then left. the two are now together.destiny has brought them in each other's company.

aditya opens up.she finds out the reason for aditya's stunning him simple advice.take your girlfriend's photo,burn it and throw it into the trashcan.that is what she deserves.aditya,though for a moment shocked, does exactly that and finds himself relieved of all the baggage and free and happy. geet has a problem too.she has a boyfriend in shimla called anshuman(Tarun arora). aditya helps geet to run away to her boyfriend.

aditya is a changed man.he plays the guitar in office and leads his father's company to glorious heights(his father has deserted the company and run away with his secretary). anshuman is only fooling around with geet.he has no plans to marry her as he is afraid of his family who will not accept a sardarin. it was great fun watching the geet they react when geet returns home,their surprise seeing aditya,then accepting him for responsibly handing over geet,then later aghast that both of them have run away together(not knowing that aditya has taken geet to shimla) and feeling fooled and backstabbed. geet's brother locates aditya in mumbai and threatens him with dire consequences if geet is not returned.finally aditya tells them that he will get geet back and hand her over to them within a fortnight.

after being ditched by anshuman and unable to show her face to her parents,geet joins a missionary school in shimla and starts life anew as a class teacher. aditya locates her and takes her to anshuman. anshuman is now willing and they go to bhatinda together.then a big comedy of error starts.the sardarji family automatically assume that aditya and geet are together and start making marriage arrangements.geet also has fallen in love with aditya.she willy nilly allows the confusion to continue. anshuman is left in the cold.he becomes desperate."jab we met' reaches an expected finale.anshuman is out.aditya is in.the patriarch(dara singh) of geet's family is happy and keeps on saying "didn't i say from the first day i saw them that these too are in love and are putting up a drama all the time?" he proved to be right. the only difference was that aditya tried hard to get geet and anshuman together.but it was not to be.destiny had other plans.

imtiaz ali has directed the movie well.the first half is almost the second half he loses his way somewhat.having said that,it does not in anyway reflect on his directorial skills.

kareena has done a superb job.she is going to snatch all the awards for her 10/10 performance.she deserves it.

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